Oasis Developer Academy

Are you a Web3 developer? Then Oasis Network is the best layer-1 platform for you to build or migrate your project from Ethereum. Check out the Courses Library, and you can start building in minutes.

Why Build on Oasis Network?

By separating consensus and computation into two parallel layers, Oasis is far more scalable than other blockchains and can manage many complex transactions at scale.
Emerald is the EVM-compatible ParaTime that allows easy integration with EVM-based DApps, such as DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and crypto gaming. You can immediately begin building on Emerald by using existing EVM tooling and deploying your Solidity smart contracts through our public Web3 gateway.

Oasis Network offers

Instant finality

Low cost - 99% lower gas fees versus Ethereum

High throughput

Privacy protection

Our Courses

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Oasis Network 101


Get familiar with Oasis Network and it’s unique architecture with ecosystem built around it. Learn how to use official Oasis Wallets and block explorers to analyze transactions on blockchain. Learn how to bridge assets from other chains to Emerald.

Oasis Emerald - The EVM Compatible ParaTime


Learn how Emerald ParaTime compares to other EVM chains. Get familiar with tools used to develop and deploy dApps to Emerald testnet or mainnet with our Web3 gateway parameters. Experience how to integrate BAND oracle.