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DeFi has arrived
on Oasis!

Introducing YuzuSwap, the first DEX built on Oasis. You can swap cryptocurrencies, and add liquidity to earn rewards now.

Why YuzuSwap?

icon liquidity mining

Liquidity Mining

YuzuSwap enables users to participate in liquidity mining - adding their crypto to the liquidity pools to earn liquidity tokens.

icon trade mining

Trade Mining

YuzuSwap lets users earn rewards just from trading using a system called Trade Mining. Every trade a user makes allows them to receive Trade Pool Share tokens (TPST) which accrue until withdrawn from the account.

icon - fair launch

Fair Lunch

YuzuSwap uses a fair launch system, meaning no tokens are pre-mined. All tokens are mined and released block by block and distributed fairly to the users and contributors, which prevents large sell-offs and damage to the health of the token price.

icon $YUZU Price Support

$YUZU Price Support

YuzuSwap works to actively support price health by taking a 0.3% transaction fee on all transactions. 80% of which is pooled in a Smart Contract that buys YUZU if the token price drops below the 72-hour average. The more transaction fees taken, the healthier the YUZU price should be.The final 20% of transaction fees goes to a vault that will be governed by YUZU token holders.

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