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The $160 Million
Oasis Ecosystem Fund

Build your project on Oasis

Supported by top industry backers, the $160 Million Ecosystem Fund is dedicated to help founders build on Oasis

Key Focus Areas




Data Tokenisation

Why Build on Oasis

Speed & Scalability

The Oasis architecture separates execution from consensus layer, enabling complex transactions to be processed faster. Run DApps at breakneck speeds with throughput of up to 1k tps, around 6s block times with instant finality, and parallel execution across many ParaTimes.

Tailored to Your Needs

Build DApps on an ecosystem of unique ParaTimes, or start your own ParaTime to meet your specific needs, such as confidential compute, permissioned or permissionless, and more.

Privacy-first Blockchain

Oasis is the leading network with built-in privacy features designed to support confidential smart contracts.

Low Gas Fees

Take advantage of low gas fees —  more than 99% cheaper than Ethereum — to build economically viable and affordable DApps.

Ease of Development

Backwards-compatible smart contracts with EVM and Rust-based Paratimes. Use the entire Solidity toolchain to easily build DApps and write smart contracts.

Partners of the Ecosystem Fund

Pantera Capital

AME Cloud Ventures

Capital Partners


Electric Capital


Forbole Ventures



Kenetic Capital

Mirana Ventures

Jump Capital

NGC Ventures

Oasis Foundation

QCP Capital


Simply VC