Become a Sentinel for Web3 Privacy

With ambassadors hailing from over 80 countries, the Oasis Sentinels program fosters an inclusive and diverse community dedicated to promoting data privacy and ownership in Web3.

How To Apply


Fill out the
Application Form

Begin by completing the application form. This form will collect essential information about you and your areas of expertise.


Provide Proof
of Expertise

As part of the application process, applicants must provide proof of their skills and knowledge related to their preferred Ambassador guild. This proof can be in the form of a portfolio, previous work, or social media accounts showcasing relevant content and contributions.


and Interview

Once we receive your application and proof, our team will carefully review it. If your application stands out, you will be contacted via email by one of our orientation leaders to schedule an interview via Google Meet.


Prepare for
the Interview

During the interview, our team will assess your understanding of the Oasis Network and your potential as an Oasis Sentinel. Before the interview, make sure to research Oasis Network and brush up on your blockchain knowledge!


Welcome to the
Ambassador Discord

Upon successfully passing the interview, you will receive an invitation to join the private Oasis Ambassador Discord Server. You will be granted temporary membership, which will transition to full membership once you complete your first month of training.


Mandatory Training and Onboarding

The first month of the Ambassador program includes essential training sessions and onboarding tasks on Zealy. These activities are designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to be an effective Oasis Sentinel.


Monthly Quiz and Educational

Begin by completing the application form at the bottom of the page. This form will collect essential information about you and your areas of expertise.


Trial Period

During the three-month trial period, you will have the opportunity to earn rewards based on your contributions. Please note that the trial period is also an evaluation period — if your performance is not satisfactory, you may be removed from the program.


Official Oasis

At the end of the three-month trial, if you have demonstrated dedication and exemplary performance, you will be rewarded with an official Oasis Ambassador SBT (Sentinel Badge of Trust) as recognition for your efforts and commitment to the community.



The Sentinels program promotes ambassadors based on performance, contributions, and achievements. The tiered reward system provides exciting opportunities for growth and recognition within the program.

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