Become a node operator on the Oasis Network

Join our decentralized community of delegators that contributes to the security of our network’s ecosystem players!

Anyone can run a node!

Learn about the pre-requisites here.

Benefits of Running a Node

Each node operator directly contributes to increasing the Oasis Network’s decentralization.

Commission from Staking Rewards

Node operators receive staking rewards for contributing to the network.

Transaction Fees

Running a validator and/or compute node is rewarded with transaction fees from processed transactions

Run a

Validator Node

Validator nodes propose and validate blocks in order to maintain and secure the proof-of-stake blockchain with specific technical setups and stake requirements.

Run a ParaTime Node

ParaTime compute nodes execute confidential EVM smart contracts and produce proofs of execution that are submitted to the consensus layer for finalization. The consensus layer secures and maintains state roots of all ParaTimes.

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