$ROSE & Earn Rewards

Participate in the Oasis Network ecosystem with ROSE!

Our network depends on active validators and delegators using ROSE to secure and decentralize the network.

Users can delegate ROSE to earn rewards.

Basics of Staking


Staking is the practice of locking your tokens to help support blockchain operations; by staking, you are rewarded with additional tokens. We operate on a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, run by a decentralized set of validator nodes. Validators are chosen at random to verify transactions and propose new blocks. By staking, users can delegate tokens to one of 120+ validators. User rewards from staking are tied to the number of tokens staked, the staking rewards schedule, validator fees, and the performance of the chosen validator.

Staking Guide




Acquire ROSE in your ROSE Wallet.


Select validator.



Stake your tokens — Remember that the debonding period is 14 days.

How to Choose a Validator

Staking with minority validators will not affect your rewards.


Delegating tokens through staking affords the validator voting power on validating transactions and participation in network governance. With a global network of staking contributors, a decentralized network receives active contributions by users and delegators to secure its ongoing activity.


Commission fees affect rewards. Fees represent the percentage a validator takes from delegators before issuing rewards (higher the fee, lower the rewards)


By staking tokens, you also engage in the network's governance system. Your chosen validator can cast votes representing your interests. However, in case you do not agree with the validator's choice, you can override your validator's decisions based on the amount of tokens you have staked. This feature empowers you to have a more active role in the network's decision-making process.


By delegating to minority validators (validators who are outside of the top 15 by stake and have less “tokens in escrow”), users can increase the decentralization of the network.

ROSE Wallet

ROSE Wallet is the official non-custodial wallet for storing, sending and receiving digital assets on the Oasis network. With the successful deployment of Oasis Safe by ProtoFire on Sapphire and a partnership with Transak, Oasis users also have access to industry-leading custody options, staking, and easy on-ramps for the Oasis ecosystem.


Oasis Explorer enables a comprehensive look into the activity on Oasis Sapphire and Oasis Emerald, whereas Oasis Scan gives users a detailed view into the activity on the Oasis network’s consensus layer.

Explore consensus layer

Explore Sapphire & Emerald Paratimes

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