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Privacy for AI
Security for its users

AI and crypto share a common problem. Both industries are missing an element that is core to society: Privacy.

We ensure verifiability and confidentiality of arbitrary computation in a decentralized environment. From autonomous AI agents, NFT collections that have a mind of their own, decentralized AI training, oracles, chain abstraction and defense in depth, the potential use-cases for privacy-powered AI are endless.

By providing the privacy infrastructure AI needs to protect its users, we can scale AI to mass adoption, benefiting consumers and enterprises across industries while maintaining safety and security.

Our Partners

We are dedicated to advancing the decentralized, transparent, and accountable development of artificial intelligence, ensuring that it deploys in alignment with human values, fairness, and inclusivity.

Here’s how we’re doing it:

Prediction-Based Trading with Ocean Predictoor

Ocean Predictoor is a crowd-sourced, on-chain dApp for making and verifying predictions. Individuals can submit predictions and stake on them, earning rewards when they are correct.

AI and crypto share a common problem. Both industries are missing an element that is core to human society: Privacy. Ocean Predictoor relies on the Smart Privacy features of Oasis Sapphire to secure the execution of its AI-powered on-chain marketplace. Without this privacy, the information collected and shared by all parties would be exposed to the general public.

Privacy for AI dApp Management with Oraichain

OraiChain, a layer 1 protocol that supports AI-powered dApps and oracle services, aims to improve the Web3 user experience and cross-chain token swaps with AI and machine learning (ML) integrations. With the Oasis Privacy Layer, Oraichain will bring Oasis Sapphire’s confidential compute features to the Cosmos and Oraichain ecosystems. By utilizing OPL, Oraichain can enable new use-cases for AI/ML integrations across ecosystems while ensuring that the data processed in its models are protected and secure.

Privacy for AI Data Management with DeltaDAO

DeltaDAO through its Pontus-X ecosystem is transforming the way traditional businesses are able to monetize their AI & Data products and helping them transition from Web2 into Web3 where they can fully utilize their digital goods while retaining control over their data.

By leveraging the modular architecture of the Oasis network, DeltaDAO has created its own ParaTime, Pontus-X, an ecosystem that breaks down the data silos that exist within the Web2 world to unleash the power of AI & Data. Pontus-X aims to simplify how companies monetize their data while preserving full control and privacy, leveraging the unique capabilities of our network.

ROFL: The Decentralized, Private Infrastructure for AI

ROFL (Runtime OFf-chain Logic) is a framework that adds support for off-chain components to runtimes like Oasis Sapphire, enabling non-deterministic behavior and access to remote network resources. ROFL allows for off-chain components to seamlessly communicate with the on-chain realm, bringing about full composability across different blockchain platforms and off-chain computation stacks.

These components are secured by the same Oasis TEEs, the consensus layer and its decentralized validator set, which can transparently run ROFL without the need to install anything besides the Oasis Core nodes and runtime bundles (that node operators currently run). ROFL can be added to any confidential runtime, existing or new, to extend the runtime’s capabilities.

ROFL enables decentralized agents powered by AI to have private “thoughts” (state) and interact with the world (including other agents) via transactions, queries and oracles, making it much easier to run complex workloads (e.g. AI inference) in a decentralized fashion. ROFL components can leverage NVIDIA TEEs, making it possible for AI models to stay private while maintaining verifiability.

ROFL opens up new

possibilities for AI:

Decentralized AI Training

With upcoming support for Intel TDX and NVIDIA TEEs, ROFL enables the training of larger AI models with privacy and verifiability

Evaluation of Fairness in AI models

With algorithms developed by Oasis Labs that run in ROFL, we can ensure AI models are unbiased

Implementation of Oracles,
Bridges and Light Clients

ROFL can talk to remote services over HTTPS, providing arbitrary oracles directly to on-chain smart contracts – on-chain logic can then take care of fee payments, proof verification and aggregation

Defense in Depth for Decentralized Sequencers and ZK-Provers

ROFL can be leveraged to improve the robustness of ZK protocols, build decentralized sequencers (to ensure that the blocks they build are fair according to arbitrary criteria), or support encrypted transactions

Building the Future of AI & Web3

Evolved healthcare with decentralized AI models:

While the healthcare industry may benefit widely from AI, the protection of its users’ sensitive information must come first. With Oasis Sapphire’s confidential compute features, we can a) ensure that AI models used in healthcare properly safeguard sensitive information, b) prevent biases within those AI models, c) verify compliance with data protection laws, and d) enable new use-cases in healthcare by increasing the industry’s data availability in a secure manner.

With increased computational capabilities of decentralized AI models and properly implemented safeguards to secure sensitive information that is shared with the models, the healthcare industry can dramatically accelerate the research that can give new insights for better patient outcomes, diagnoses and more.

Better data and content management in AI:

Our decentralized key management system ensures that data access is both controlled and auditable. This feature enables secure data collaboration across various sectors, including finance, where encrypted data can be analyzed to extract valuable insights without exposing underlying information.Our network’s secure environment and decentralized key management allow for the cryptographic validation of origin and integrity of the data provided, combating deep fakes and unauthorized content duplication.

Safer Web3 financial systems, powered by AI:

Fraud detection has traditionally employed systems that monitor spending patterns and flag anomalies, prompting customer verification when necessary. While similar mechanisms can be implemented on transparent blockchains in Web3, they often compromise user privacy.Oasis Sapphire, private-by-design, enables on-chain logic processing without exposing sensitive data. Advanced AI algorithms that run in off-chain TEE runtime extensions can learn individual spending behaviors and enhance fraud detection capabilities while maintaining user privacy, creating safer financial systems in Web3.

If you are looking to build the future of AI with Oasis, get in touch here!

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