Built by the community, for the community: Open-source and user-friendly. The ROSE Wallet makes it easy to hold, stake, send, and receive ROSE tokens.

The Oasis Explorer provides a detailed view into on-chain activity across the Oasis Network’s ParaTimes. The Explorer queries data across all Oasis runtimes that can be used to analyze transactions, the growth and development of Oasis at large.

The Oasis Scan provides a detailed view into on-chain activity across the Oasis Network’s Consensus Layer. With Oasis Scan, users can check their transactions on the consensus layer, browse ROSE Wallet balances, and more.

Oasis Explorer Features

Verified Contracts:

dApp developers can verify their contracts and interact with them using Sourcify.

Multi-Source View:

Oasis Explorer searches all Oasis runtimes, providing a comprehensive look into the Oasis Network’s activity and growth.

Real-Time Improvements:

The Oasis Engineering team is constantly working to improve the Oasis Explorer experience. Browse the most recent updates below.

How to use the Oasis Explorer

What’s New?

Check the latest updates and improvements about Oasis Explorer.

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