Pioneering Privacy
in Web3

Our protocol — powered by native confidential smart contracts — is the go-to decentralized platform for building and running privacy-enabled, user-friendly, scalable applications in Web3 & AI.

Better Privacy Won’t Build Itself

We empower developers, users and corporations to democratize the data economy with programmable confidentiality.

Our Vision

We are committed to building a better tomorrow with data ownership by right and privacy by design for everyone, everywhere.

Why build on Oasis?

Bringing Privacy to Web3

Oasis is the go-to network for on-chain privacy. Confidential ParaTimes on Oasis enable developers to build privacy-enabled dApps that bring more real-world use cases to blockchain.


Oasis’ multi-layer, modular architecture enables multiple ParaTimes, each optimized for different use cases, to coexist and process transactions in parallel with shared consensus. ParaTimes are entirely customizable, ensuring that the Oasis Network will always be able to provide developers with the right tool for the job.

High Performance

The Oasis Network scales performance via the ParaTime layer to offer high throughput and low latency. ParaTimes can achieve up to 1k TPS each with 6s block times and instant finality.

Ease of Development

Oasis offers privacy-enabled EVM, and WASM-based ParaTimes as well as a familiar standard EVM environment to accommodate a diverse array of the brightest and boldest blockchain developers and applications. Solidity developers can get started building privacy-enabled dApps immediately!

Oasis Roadmap

We are pioneers of Web3 privacy, providing the only confidential EVM in use: Oasis Sapphire.

Smart Privacy for All

We are pioneers of Web3 privacy, providing the only confidential EVM in use: Oasis Sapphire.

ROSE & Tokenomics

At the heart of the Oasis Network is its native ecosystem token: ROSE. The name for this token was chosen to represent our mission  to advance information security, data privacy, and confidentiality across all of Web3.

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