Oasis at ETHDam: Build Natively on Sapphire Hackathon

Explore confidential EVM with Oasis at ETHDam and compete for a $10,000 prize pool.

Calling all Sapphire enthusiasts and builders! Oasis is excited to launch a bounty during ETHDam: Build Natively on Sapphire. This hackathon invites participants to leverage the features of Oasis Sapphire’s confidential EVM technology, including encryption, private storage, random number generation, key generation and signing to create dApps that address unique challenges not easily solved without the use of Confidential EVM.

With a generous prize pool of $10,000, the competition is designed to reward the top four projects that best utilize the capabilities of the Oasis Sapphire blockchain. The allocation of the prize money is structured to incentivize innovation and quality, with the most innovative project having the potential to secure up to $6,000, while the minimum prize for any of the top four projects stands at $1,000.

What do participants need to qualify for this bounty?

  1. Participants must create a working software application that uses the Oasis Sapphire blockchain to solve a problem that cannot easily be achieved without Confidential EVM.
  2. The code must be open-source, and contracts must be deployed on Oasis Sapphire testnet or mainnet.
  3. It must be possible to demonstrate the project in action, either through tests, or a UI, or a command-line interface.
  4. The submission should use transaction encryption.

Are there any specific criteria for the judges to critique?

  • Implementation Quality
    • Does the project demonstrate high-quality development: Clean, efficient and safe code, tests, documentation, usage of the version control system?
  • Potential Impact
    • How large of an impact could the project have? How many users could the project potentially attract?
  • Confidentiality
    • How well does this dApp utilize the unique capabilities of Oasis Sapphire? Could it be implemented on a non-confidential blockchain? What about other confidential blockchains?
  • Innovation
    • What problem does the design solve and is it approached in a creative and unique way?
  • User Experience
    • Does the project’s design have a seamless user experience?
  • Originality
    • How unique is the project as a whole and was it well thought out?

Bonus points will be added for projects that incorporate Sapphire-specific features such as key generation, encryption, ZK verification or cross-chain functionality.

The bounty is particularly interested in applications that address pressing needs in several key areas, including:

  • Governance with a focus on integrating private storage or cryptography into DAO tooling
  • MEV-proof protocols to safeguard against MEV and sandwich attacks
  • Gaming innovations that bring more logic on-chain using Sapphire’s RNG
  • Web2 integration for resource access control and permission management
  • NFT advancements that enhance privacy and access to restricted content
  • DeFi solutions that introduce privacy features, cross-chain account management or new auction mechanisms
  • The exploration of new standards that leverage private storage, confidential contracts and cryptography on Sapphire.

Bounty Resources:

  1. Oasis Network Getting Started
  2. Oasis Sapphire ParaTime (EVM compatible)
  3. Oasis  Layer
  4. Sapphire precompiles & functionality
    1. Sapphire precompiles
    2. Gasless transactions
  5. Oasis Testnet Faucet
  6. Oasis Protocol Foundation GitHub
  7. Chainstack
  8. Oasis Sapphire: Understanding Smart Contracts  
  9. Covalent API  
  10. Cbridge IM
  11. Oasis Safe
  12. Tutorial
  13. Workshop

After many successful Oasis hackathons, we are excited to see the community’s innovation once again at ETHDam!

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