Oasis Partners With Covalent To Bring Sapphire Data to Web3

The Unified API from Covalent gives Web3 developers access to full historical data for building on Oasis Sapphire Mainnet and Testnet.

Web3 needs to outcompete Web2 with better applications that offer better user experiences. One of the most critical components needed to provide a seamless Web3 user experience is quick access to on-chain data for all networks, especially cutting-edge networks like the Oasis Sapphire runtime.

For this reason, Oasis is thrilled to announce its partnership with Covalent to bring better historical data access to Oasis Sapphire developers. Using the powerful tools from Covalent’s Unified API, Web3 developers building on the Sapphire runtime can more easily engineer confidential dApps with full historical data access that give users control of their own information. 

“Our partnership with Oasis Sapphire opens up endless possibilities for developers and users,” said Ganesh Swami, co-founder and CEO of Covalent. “Developers can now easily build confidential dApps, and users can take control of their data in a decentralized world. This is a game-changing moment for our entire industry," he added.

Sapphire is the first and only confidential EVM-compatible runtime built on Oasis. Sapphire provides developers with the unique capability to build EVM-based on-chain dApps with smart contracts that are completely confidential, completely public, or anywhere in between on the spectrum of confidentiality.

This latest partnership between Covalent and Oasis centered on the Sapphire runtime extends on a relationship between the two entities started in November 2022. Covalent integrated with Emerald, a separate Oasis runtime built for EVM compatibility without the confidentiality features of Sapphire, to provide developers with reliable, high-quality data that allows them to build dApps with greater speed and ease.

Since 2018, Covalent has been building the industry-leading API with visibility into billions of Web3 data points. With over 100 supported blockchains, the Unified API from Covalent powers multi-chain dApps across every sector of Web3 and is trusted by thousands of dApp developers. With this newly forged Oasis partnership, Covalent now empowers Oasis Sapphire developers to use the same data tools for building confidential, high-performance applications on Web3’s leading privacy network. 

Web3 developers, network operators, analytics and more are invited to explore the Covalent Unified API here. New users can sign up for a free API key too. Start building on Oasis Sapphire with the Covalent API using this set of documentation

Explore more about the Oasis Sapphire runtime here. The powerful and seamless tooling of the Covalent API for Oasis Sapphire significantly enhances the developer experience of the Oasis Network.

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