ProtoFire Announces Gnosis Safe Deployment on Oasis Sapphire

Oasis Safe is live on Oasis Sapphire for secure, customizable asset management on EVM-compatible networks.

Secure and customizable asset management is crucial for a healthy cryptocurrency ecosystem. From novices with moderate investments to high net worth individuals with large allocations, these tools are vital for anyone looking to join Web3. For this reason, Oasis is excited to announce the successful deployment of Oasis Safe by ProtoFire on the Oasis Sapphire runtime. 

What is Oasis Safe? 

Oasis Safe is a Gnosis Safe fork deployed on Oasis Sapphire.

Gnosis Safe is built by ProtoFire to offer a trusted custody option for asset management on EVM-compatible networks. The result is providing companies, developers, DAOs, high-net-worth individuals, and everyone else in Web3 with a programmable and secure wallet to store their assets.

As a fork of Gnosis Safe, Oasis Safe inherits all of the features that make Gnosis Safe one of the most trusted platforms for storing digital assets on EVM-compatible networks.

Read more about Oasis Safe in this article published by ProtoFire

When did it launch? 

Deploying Oasis Safe on Sapphire was completed in late April 2023. 

  • View the staging environment here.
  • View the production environment here

Both the staging and production environments are stable and running smoothly. 

Why does it matter? 

Now that Oasis Safe is live on the Sapphire runtime, Oasis users and developers can benefit from the features of both platforms – Gnosis and Oasis – through confidentiality, end-to-end encryption, confidential randomness, EVM compatibility, scalability, and low-cost fees. 

Deploying Gnosis Safe as Oasis Safe on Sapphire achieves user confidentiality while maintaining EVM compatibility. This accomplishment comes from leveraging the runtime architecture of the Oasis Network, which enables multiple runtimes to operate simultaneously, each with its own consensus mechanism and execution environment. 

Read more about the Oasis Sapphire runtime here. 

Where can you use it? 

Getting started with Oasis Safe only takes a few clicks. 

  • Visit the Oasis Safe dashboard here
  • Click to create a new safe or add an existing one. 

For answers to questions while using Oasis Safe, chat more with the Oasis team on Discord or on the Oasis Forum

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