The Oasis Vision

Smart Privacy in Web3 and AI ushers in a world of opportunity – let’s seize it!

The world has changed.

Your data is now a commodity, traded by the big tech of Web2.

AI disrupts every walk of life at breakneck speed.

Economic opportunities await… but not in the old, centralized financial system.

We call for better technology, we call for better governance.

Decentralize everything!

The future is decentralized, trustless and censorship-resistant development of applications in AI, DeFi, Gaming, DAO voting, DIDs – powered by interoperable, performant, confidential computation.

That’s where we enter.

Oasis enables a future where all of these different things can seamlessly interoperate and scale by leveraging and composing different decentralized confidential computing technologies – that’s what’s called Smart Privacy.

It’s time to take back control of your data in a new and more self-sovereign system.

Thanks to programmable confidentiality, Oasis empowers BUIDLERs and enables users to have more privacy and data sovereignty in the new internet.

“But why privacy?”

Privacy is a prerequisite for useful decentralization. If one is not able to keep secrets, many use cases that could benefit from decentralization are not possible or require awkward workarounds. Sealed-bid auctions, voting, AI training over private data sets, AI inference over private models, private intents — to name a few.

Oasis is the creator of the first platform for Smart Privacy, compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, enabling developers to program confidentiality parameters to fit their users’ needs.

This is where AI, real-world assets and what is known as Web2 find a new home in Web3, protected by on-chain verifiability and programmable confidentiality.

Privacy is a basic human right, and we stand up for it!

With strong technical foundations and clear vision, our ecosystem brings Web3 a scalable, interoperable and confidential environment.

We are Oasis – Smart Privacy for Web3 & AI.

Let us proceed together apace1.

1: A tribute to A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto by Eric Hughes

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