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Oasis Web3 Contributor Program

Activate your community and followers and earn rewards

The Oasis Network is the leading privacy-enabled blockchain platform that lets users truly take control of their data. We believe the internet can power a better, more responsible economy, but we can’t do it alone. Join our community of influencers who are excited to build the future of Web3 with us. Be among the first to learn about our upcoming technology milestones, earn rewards for educating your community about Oasis and advance our mission to build a better internet for everyone.

Why Join as a Contributor and Influencer

Become a Part of a Web3 Revolution

Oasis is building the future of Web3 architecture and a responsible data economy. Discover Oasis’ privacy-first vision for Web3, and our newest initiatives. Share compelling content that captures the imagination.

Become a Part of a Web3 Revolution

At Oasis, we prioritize building long-term, sustainable relationships with contributors and creators, providing you with full support and funding for your content.

Become a Part of a Web3 Revolution

Be one of the first to know the upcoming milestones. Give first-hand feedback to the team and become a part of the wider community. Develop recognition as a key contributor to the Oasis Foundation and Ecosystem.

Who's Eligible to Join Oasis Influencer Program

  • You’re a key thought leader, an influencer, or an expert in blockchain.

  • You own a Youtube channel, Twitter account, Instagram account, or TikTok Page, and regularly release new posts or videos.

  • You have a passion for blockchain technology, DeFi, Metaverse, or Web3 development, as shown across your social media accounts.

  • You have gained at least 3000+ followers on one of your Social Media channels.

  • You care about blockchain and are enthusiastic about the future of Oasis and Web3.

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