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The Rose Token

Learn about the Oasis Token Economics

What is the Rose Token?

ROSE is the native, capped supply utility and settlement token for the Oasis Network. It is used for staking and delegating on the Oasis Consensus Layer and for smart contract operations that require fees in ParaTimes.

Overview of the Rose Token


The ROSE native token is a capped supply token. The circulating supply at launch will be approximately 1.5 billion tokens, and the total cap is fixed at 10 billion token.

Token Utility

The ROSE token is used for
transaction fees, staking, and delegation at the Consensus Layer.

Staking Rewards

Approximately 2.3 billion tokens will be automatically distributed on-chain as staking rewards to stakers and delegators for securing the network over time.

How to Earn the Rose Token

  • Earn It by Participating in the Community

    You can earn ROSE by participating in Community challenges or by becoming an Oasis Ambassador.

  • Earn it by becoming a Validator

    You can earn ROSE  by running a node and participating in staking or delegating on the network.

  • Earn it by getting a ROSE Grant

    Designed to help foster the growth of the Oasis ecosystem, the ROSE Bloom Grants Program will help kickstart the development of projects in a range of key focus areas.

  • Obtain more info about ROSE at

    Coinmarketcap logo

How to Stake the Rose Token and Earn Rewards

Did you know you can earn ROSE as rewards, while also contributing to the security of the Oasis Network?

Anyone who has ROSE tokens can delegate their tokens to a validator and start earning a slice of that validator's staking rewards, based on how many ROSE tokens are delegated.
You can review the list of active Oasis Network validators via the Oasis Scan block explorer and validator leaderboard. You're welcome to delegate your ROSE tokens to any of the active validators.
As you're deciding which validator to delegate to, keep in mind the following information for each validator:

  • Current status of the node

  • Uptime percentage of the node

  • Number of delegators currently delegating to that validator

  • Commission rate (the cut of your rewards that the validator claims in exchange for running the node and providing the staking service to you)

You can learn more about each validator by clicking on their name and going to their validator info page.

How to Store the Rose Token

  • If you have a Ledger device, you can use one of our Ledger-backed web wallets.

  • If you want an easy-to-use, beginner friendly mobile wallet, you can use the Bitpie wallet available on mobile devices.

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