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OASIS Wallet

Your Gateway to the ROSE Token

Create Your Oasis Wallet

Join the Oasis raffle - Double your tokens

Create an OASIS wallet today and you'll automatically enter the Oasis Raffle and get a chance to double your tokens.

  • Each week, for the next 6 weeks, we’ll pick a random wallet address and match the current balance (up to 40k ROSE)

  • Winners will be announced on our Twitter feed, so make sure to follow us. They will also be posted to our official winners table

  • The raffle has a total prize pool of 40k ROSE

  • We’ll pick up to 6 winners, or reward 40k in ROSE (whichever comes first)

Winners are subject to KYC approval and will be asked to prove ownership of the winning wallet.

Create Your Oasis Wallet

The Oasis Web Wallet

The Oasis Web Wallet is the best way to store and stake your ROSE:

  • Robust security protocols and mnemonic based authentication protect your balance

  • Sleek UI allows for speedy ROSE transfer between wallets

  • Contribute to the Network and earn staking rewards (up to 20%) with the built-in staking services

  • Ledger support allows easy access to your hardware wallet

Create Your Oasis Wallet

The Oasis Browser Extension

A Chrome-based wallet with all the core features of the Oasis Web wallet in a compact Chrome extension:

  • Simple Chrome extension

  • Easily use ROSE in Dapps built on the Oasis Network

  • Transfer ROSE to a new wallet

  • Stake ROSE to earn rewards (up to 20% APY)

  • Easily track rewards you’ve earned

  • Transfer ROSE from your Ledger Wallet

  • Top-notch security and mnemonic protection

  • Localization with initial support for English, Chinese and more to come

Get the Oasis Chrome Extension


How can I transfer ROSE tokens from my BitPie wallet to my Oasis Wallet?

The easiest way would be to create a new wallet with an Oasis Wallet and just transfer the tokens from your old Oasis account to a new Oasis account. The cost (i.e. transaction fee) should be negligible.If your tokens are staked/delegated, then you would need to debond them first which will take approximately 14 days. Then you would transfer them to a new account with an Oasis Wallet and stake/delegate them via an Oasis Wallet again.