OASIS Wallet

Your Gateway to the ROSE Token

The Oasis Web Wallet

The Oasis Web Wallet is the best way to store and stake your ROSE:

  • Robust security protocols and mnemonic based authentication protect your balance
  • Sleek UI allows for speedy ROSE transfer between wallets
  • Contribute to the Network and earn staking rewards (up to 20%) with the built-in staking services
  • Ledger support allows easy access to your hardware wallet

The Oasis Browser Extension

A Chrome-based wallet with all the core features of the Oasis Web wallet in a compact Chrome extension:

  • Simple Chrome extension
  • Easily use ROSE in Dapps built on the Oasis Network
  • Transfer ROSE to a new wallet
  • Stake ROSE to earn rewards (up to 20% APY)
  • Easily track rewards you’ve earned
  • Transfer ROSE from your Ledger Wallet
  • Top-notch security and mnemonic protection
  • Localization with initial support for English, Chinese and more to come


How can I transfer ROSE tokens from my BitPie wallet to my Oasis Wallet?

The easiest way would be to create a new wallet with an Oasis Wallet and just transfer the tokens from your old Oasis account to a new Oasis account. The cost (i.e. transaction fee) should be negligible.If your tokens are staked/delegated, then you would need to debond them first which will take approximately 14 days. Then you would transfer them to a new account with an Oasis Wallet and stake/delegate them via an Oasis Wallet again.