A ROSE for Valentine’s Day

Learn how you can earn ROSE tokens on the Oasis Network.

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Learn how you can earn ROSE tokens on the Oasis Network

As we approach Valentine’s Day this weekend, we wanted to share our love of all things ROSE. Earning ROSE on the Oasis Network is easy and fun — even easier than walking down to your local neighborhood florist to get a rose for your special someone!

ROSE is the official token of the Oasis Network, fueling all transactions, staking, and delegation mechanisms on the network. Let’s explore the symbolic significance of ROSE both in the context of the Oasis Network’s mission and global Valentine’s Day traditions.

ROSE: A Symbol of Privacy

We wanted the token to stand as a representation for the network and roses fit very well with this imagery. Historically roses have often represented “secrecy”. Dating back to Ancient Greece, the rose was seen as a symbol for secrets or privacy, used by Aphrodite as a gift in exchange for keeping the secrets of Gods.

In Ancient Rome this symbolism continued and the phrase “sub rosa” or “under the rose” was to mean “done in secret” or “under a pledge of secrecy”. This phrase and the symbol of Roses as secrecy extended throughout history with the British Tudors era where state secrets were decided in a room with a large rose hanging from the ceiling.

This effectively illustrates our vision for the Oasis Network, which seeks to power the next generation of blockchain use cases through its unique capacity to support confidential computing and private data on the ledger.

Rose: A Symbol of Appreciation

Roses are said to have become linked to Valentine’s Day during the Enlightenment of the 17th century, with tales of the rose being a symbol of Venus, the classical goddess of love.

Floriography, the use of flowers to convey coded meanings, became widespread in the Victorian era, making the gifting of roses for Valentine’s Day a form of communication. In floriography, each rose color represents the giver’s feelings toward the recipient. A red rose, for example, symbolizes romantic love and desire, while a yellow rose symbolizes friendship and joy.

This Valentine’s Day, perhaps our community can introduce a new coded meaning to the floriographic cannon. We hope that people around the world will come to see the Oasis Network’s ROSE as a symbol for a better internet fueled by a privacy-focused, responsible data economy.

How you can start earning ROSE

There are many ways you can earn ROSE tokens this Valentine’s Day and beyond by contributing to helping the Oasis Network grow. We’re very excited to welcome individuals who come from many different backgrounds and who bring to our community a wide range of perspectives, experiences, and skill sets.

Participate in the Community Cup

The Community Cup is a weekly series of challenges that tap into the diverse set of skills and creativity of the Oasis community. Oasis community members have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of micro-tasks via social media sites like Twitter and Gleam for a chance to win ROSE token prizes. Past challenges have tasked Oasis community members with brainstorming on ideas for upcoming network initiatives and naming themes for network upgrades. Follow our Oasis Network account on Twitter and our official blog to stay up-to-date on the latest Community Cup challenges and other opportunities to earn ROSE token prizes.

Join the Oasis Ambassador Program

We believe the Oasis Network, with its ability to tokenize not just financial tools and currency, but data itself, has the potential to create a better internet. But this is not a mission we can accomplish alone — it will take a legion of evangelists, influencers, technologists and dreamers — to accomplish our goals. We are looking for talented individuals who are passionate about growing the Oasis Network to build a new responsible data economy that benefits people from all backgrounds and all around the world. By joining our Oasis Ambassador Program, you will have the opportunity to become an evangelist for a responsible data economy, connect with other Oasis community members, gain real-world experience, build a name for yourself in the global crypto industry, and much more.

Oasis Ambassadors have already earned over 500,000 ROSE tokens to-date through the Oasis Ambassador Program.

Apply to become an Oasis Ambassador here, and start earning ROSE token rewards!

Apply for a ROSE Bloom Grant

The ROSE Bloom Grants program is the best way to receive funding for your project on the Oasis Network. Designed to help foster the growth of the Oasis ecosystem, the ROSE Bloom Grants program will help kickstart the development of projects in a range of key focus areas. Proposals will be eligible to receive anywhere from $5k — $50k USD in ROSE tokens, and will be evaluated on the relevance to the success of the network, the technical design of the project, the overall quality of the team, and more. If you’ve got a great idea for improving the Oasis Network or are inspired to build a new DeFi protocol, DApp, or privacy-first product, we’d love to hear about it! Submit a proposal here and we’ll review.

More to come

There will be many new and exciting ways to earn and transact with ROSE tokens in the future. We believe the ROSE token, along with the Oasis Network, will help usher in a new category of privacy-preserving applications that empower users to control and manage their data. This includes, for example, supporting a new concept of data rewards, where individuals stake their data with apps that want to analyze it — enabling a new, responsible data economy.

The ROSE token will also power the next generation of DeFi where privacy will help unlock new use cases and markets — with the potential of expanding the reach of blockchain beyond early adopters and into the mainstream.

You can read more about ROSE and its utility and distribution in the latest token distribution document here as well.

We have more exciting news about ROSE and the Oasis Network coming your way. Join our Telegram channel or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest announcements, take part in community competitions, and more.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Please note that eligibility to collect rewards listed here is subject to KYC and depends on your country of residence accredited investor verification as outlined in the official rules.


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