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Join the Oasis Ambassador Program. We are excited to open applications for the next Ambassador Program Cohort, which starts in January 2023.

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We are excited to open applications for the next Ambassador Program Cohort, which starts in January 2023.

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Oasis, and thanks to the hard work and dedication of Oasis Ambassadors- our community continues to flourish. The Oasis Ambassador Program is 700 members strong and growing!

We are opening applications for the next cohort of Ambassadors, which will be 100-strong. The chosen Ambassadors will go through a month-long training program to learn about the Oasis Network and complete tasks and projects.

If you want to apply to be part of the next cohort of Ambassadors, click here

What is the Oasis Ambassador program?

Simply put- our ambassador program allows talented and enthusiastic community members to evangelize all aspects of Oasis Network and be rewarded for it. The reward system is designed to be mutually beneficial and fulfilling, building a strong foundation of trust between ambassadors and the core team at Oasis. From content creation to hosting local meetups, ambassadors have the flexibility to contribute on their own time, according to their skill sets and expertise. Here are some examples of ways our ambassadors contribute:

  • Creating infographics about Oasis Network and ecosystem projects
  • Growing and moderating regional community channels
  • Writing original content to share in tweet threads, Reddit communities, and blog posts
  • Making video tutorials
  • Hosting local meetups or starting university blockchain clubs
  • Providing technical and nontechnical feedback to the core team

From blockchain novices to Oasis experts, we welcome all to apply for the upcoming ambassador cohort. The Oasis team is looking forward to the opportunity to empower passionate individuals as our ambassador program continues to evolve and improve while we scale.

Boost yourself as an Oasis Ambassador

Through the Oasis ambassador program, you can gain real-world experience and build a name for yourself in Web3. A handful of our ambassadors have transitioned to a full-time career in Web3, and some have even launched projects of their own on Oasis Network! As an Oasis Ambassador, you have an opportunity to gain new marketable skills to help push your career to new heights.

Beyond the obvious benefits of rewards and professional development, there is another key reason our ambassador program continues to grow in numbers and power — perhaps the most important benefit of all — friendship and a sense of belonging. Together, ambassadors and the core team are united towards the common goal of achieving a better Web3 made possible by the Oasis Network. Although many of us come from vastly different backgrounds, our shared vision brings us together to form what we like to call our “Ambassador family”. We regularly make time to connect via monthly ambassador town halls, frequent hangout sessions, and of course, our private discord server, where all the real magic happens!

Hear from our current ambassadors

We asked for ambassadors to share their thoughts on what it means to be a part of the Oasis Ambassador program, and this is what they had to say:

“Being an ambassador is a responsibility as well as a privilege. You have the privilege that people can rely on you and trust you, but you have a responsibility to research each tweet, news article, or some new rumor before sharing it with your community. Since the time I became an ambassador, I replaced the free time I used playing games with ambassador work. I find it as entertaining as games, but with a difference that now I am helping other people learn about blockchain and improving myself at the same time.”

“Being an ambassador and working with a global team means you’re faced with great challenges, and being able to resolve those challenges with innovative solutions is what gives me a dopamine overflow. There are numerous reasons why one should consider becoming an ambassador, from being able to maintain a monthly income to being able to improve one’s skills in many areas, all the way to being able to help the whole community and introduce them to the latest world of blockchain technologies.” — Mare, Emerald Rose Ambassador

“By joining such a high-level project, each of us has an opportunity to grow as a professional. The invaluable experience of working in a team of professionals cannot be overestimated, and it makes you want to put more effort into studying the available materials. But together, with our personal growth, we promote the idea that it is possible to change the rules of the game, that decentralized networks are a new breath of air for every person who is tired of the old centralized tools, which are created only for one purpose — to control and get profit. It is our job as ambassadors to bring the future closer. We must blaze a trail in the desert that will lead everyone to the Oasis.” –Solitudinem, White Rose Ambassador.

“The opportunity of being an ambassador has given us a platform to help us grow as individuals, also allowing us to meet great minds and learn from each other about our views on Oasis and the crypto space. One thing I think we will gain from the ambassador program is experience and more confidence in what we do and how to handle other jobs better. Oasis is just filled with amazing ideas and innovations that will better improve the use of web3. I feel great being here with you all ♥️” –BaddieX, White Rose Ambassador

If you feel that you are a good fit for the Oasis Ambassador program, please click the link and apply now:

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