Bitmark Integrates with Oasis Network

Redefining the future of NFTs by bringing long-term and authenticated storage.

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The Oasis Foundation is thrilled to announce a partnership with Bitmark to redefine the future of NFTs by bringing long-term and authenticated storage to Oasis. Awarded as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2020, Bitmark is building cryptographic products that let people collaborate while protecting their activities and assets.

Bitmark addresses a problem faced by all creators: bureaucracy that takes credit and earns rewards from the work they produce. Creators see this problem in all forms of media, including art, music, film, video, journalism, and writing. Social networks empower anyone to become a creator, but most users are unable to actually earn any of the rewards from what they produce. Instead, an artist always has to sacrifice their ownership rights to gatekeepers.

Bitmark and Oasis Network share the same vision to create technology that enables true digital ownership. Oasis Parcel combines confidential compute with blockchain technology to create a secure and privacy-preserving trust layer for data. Bitmark sees Parcel as critical in achieving its mission and is now integrating it into its two products, Feral File and Autonomy.

What is Bitmark's Feral File?

Feral File is the online gallery for exhibiting, curating, and collecting digital media that serves as a home for the new digital media community.

Feral File hosts curated online exhibitions of file-based art. Feral File also recently announced the gallery’s ninth exhibition featuring artworks by media artist Refik Anadol, who has trained a unique AI model with metadata from the Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) unparalleled collection. Other notable exhibitions from Feral File include –GRAPH, an exhibition of software art and plotter drawings, curated by Casey Reas, and Field Guide, generative artworks that explore the process of creation, curated by Jason Bailey. Each artwork was made available as NFTs to collectors.

Feral File is important to digital artists as it provides a secure and creative-vision safe space to display and sell art to collectors. Through the integration with Oasis Parcel, privacy and data tokenization features are brought to all creators on the Feral File platform, which means that artists can better control the authentication process of how people download their full artwork and maintain full provenance over how the art is created and displayed.

“Feral File is about building a sustainable, curated ecosystem for digital art that is driven by the long-term interests of our artists, curators, and collectors. Today, however, digital formats are notoriously fragile because the computers that store the artwork become inaccessible, or the software needed to view the artwork becomes obsolete," said Casey Reas, Founder of Feral File. "NFTs and networked storage further complicate digital preservation, but they also create new possibilities. This is why Feral File is so excited to integrate Parcel and work with Oasis Network to help the entire ecosystem preserve and authenticate digital art.”

In the future, Feral File will also leverage Oasis Parcel to enable cross-chain transfers of NFTs.

What is Bitmark's Autonomy?

Autonomy is an NFT gallery mobile application created to be a home for all digital art and other collectibles that serves as a seamless, customizable way for users to enjoy their collections. Using the Oasis Parcel runtime, Autonomy offers a secure and confidential environment for collectors to safely store their digital art without worrying about NFT metadata being revealed to third parties.

“Oasis Network is the ideal partner to work with to bring authentication and privacy to NFTs, but also allow for new use cases in the future that expand from art into all types of assets," said Sean Moss-Pultz, CEO of Bitmark. "In 2022, you will see us help individuals control their music and personal data. Our mission is to help each of us unlock the value of our assets, to 'Be Your Own Gatekeeper,' so Parcel and Oasis Network is the ideal platform to realize all that.”

The problem Autonomy solves is a simple one: How can users store digital assets safely, securely, sustainably, and privately over long periods of time, but still be able to reveal them when necessary? By integrating Parcel, Autonomy empowers users to:

  • Store their digital assets;
  • Govern how those assets are used and viewed;
  • Enable computation on the assets (e.g., verify ownership, selectively share asset data contents); without revealing it
  • Maintain a record asset use and data sharing.

A Shared Vision for Creators

The Oasis Foundation and Bitmark understand that NFT data ownership can be a game-changing advancement in passive income for collectors, but it comes with significant security considerations that must be addressed. The ability to safely and securely store data-backed assets like NFTs and other types of collectibles is an essential ingredient. Data ownership moves control of this valuable resource from centralized third parties to individual collectors, and their individual security and privacy needs cannot be compromised. Using Oasis, Autonomy works to solve this.

Find out more about Bitmark's projects here.

Learn more about Oasis technology by engaging with the community on Discord or Telegram.

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