Oasis 2022: A Year in Review

Despite being a turbulent year for Web3, the Oasis Network has experienced significant growth across partnerships, community and ecosystem. We are thrilled to share the many milestones we achieved in 2022!

Despite being a turbulent year for Web3, the Oasis Network has experienced significant growth across partnerships, community and ecosystem. We continue to build the Web3 primitives, under the belief that the most meaningful progress requires passion, dedication and perseverance. We are thrilled to share the many milestones we achieved in 2022!

Privacy is integral for the mass adoption of blockchain technology. In 2022, we made leaps in providing the Web3 industry and major Web 2.0 partners with solutions for harnessing privacy to benefit end-users.

With the launch of the Sapphire ParaTime, we saw the world’s first confidential dApps built in Solidity on Oasis. We also introduced the Oasis Privacy Layer, empowering developers to add privacy elements to any dApp on any EVM chain while preserving the user experience. In July 2022, we announced our partnership with Meta to improve fairness measurement in AI models, and in October 2022 we announced our partnership with Equifax to build the first on-chain KYC-identity solution for Web3. We hosted inspiring Hackathons, connected with Web3 communities across the globe at the industry’s most important events, and drove growth across the entire network.

Oasis achieved explosive growth in 2022, and we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings. As we approach the new year, let’s take a moment to reflect on everything we’ve achieved — together — these past twelve months.

Product and Technology

Sapphire became our crown jewel this year. The industry-first confidential EVM ParaTime changed the game for Solidity developers, enabling them to build privacy-enabled dApps in a flash.

Sapphire also powers the Oasis Privacy Layer — Any dApp, on any EVM chain, can access privacy and offer confidentiality to users like never before, all in under 15 minutes without the need for cross-chain migration.

Sapphire: the Industry-First Confidential EVM ParaTime

Before Sapphire, privacy was the missing piece for dApps built on EVM chains. We’ve solved this problem by creating the industry’s first EVM-compatible runtime that allows developers to build confidential dApps with all of the tools they’re familiar with.

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The Oasis Privacy Layer, Powered by Sapphire

In creating the world’s first confidential EVM-compatible runtime, our goal was not only to empower developers on Oasis but to empower the industry at large. Our mission is to build a better internet, which is impossible without interoperability. To bolster the entire EVM blockchain ecosystem with privacy, we introduced the Oasis Privacy Layer. The Oasis Privacy Layer grants any dApp, on any EVM chain, full access to Oasis’ privacy-enabled technology.

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Confidential NFTs: Increasing NFT Functionality

Confidential NFTs on Oasis are a groundbreaking innovation to enhance utility of NFTs. In March 2022, we announced a partnership with Genetica, a leading genomics company, to build a better data economy. Confidential NFTs became a popular distinctive technology on Emerald, being integrated to projects like Mbuddy, Geniish protocol, Seibera NFTs, and the Leviathan’s Curse NFTs.

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Oasis Network: Damask Upgrade

Our successful and well-received major protocol update improved the Oasis Network’s security and performance, strengthened governance mechanisms, and expanded decentralization — all of which the community is able to enjoy on the network today.

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We welcomed some of the world’s largest companies into our ecosystem, including Meta and Equifax, all eager to utilize Oasis’ technology to solve their privacy needs.

Our ecosystem fund grew from $160 million to $235 million with support from new partners, further solidifying our dedication to empowering Web3 developers and the next generation of Web3 innovations.

New integrations with powerful blockchain protocols and toolings like Covalent and Band Protocol improved the developer and user-experiences of community-built projects on Emerald and the rest of the network.


Oasis Labs Partners with Meta to Assess Fairness for its AI Models

Meta and Oasis Labs teamed up for a first-of-its-kind initiative enabling inclusiveness and fairness in AI models.

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Watch the video: A Closer Look at the Oasis Labs & Meta Partnership Using Cutting-edge Privacy Technologies

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Instagram will start asking some users for their race and ethnicity — The Verge

Oasis Labs Partners with Equifax to Build KYC Solution for Web3

Equifax sought support from Oasis Labs to co-develop a Web3 ‘know your customer’ (KYC) solution to provide a robust, blockchain-driven identity management and verification solution.

Watch the Video: Oasis Labs Partners with Equifax to Build the First KYC Solution for Web3

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Equifax and Oasis partnering to build ‘privacy first’ on-chain KYC solution — Fortune

Vietnamese Prime Minister and Government Support Genetica and Oasis Labs Partnership

Genetica Partners with Oasis Labs to use confidential NFTs to build a better data economy.

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Oasis Foundation & Partners Launch the Universal Privacy Alliance

We furthered our dedication to the protection of privacy as a human right with the launch of the Universal Privacy Alliance, in partnership with p0xeidon labs, Manta Network, Nym Technologies, Secret Network, Orchid, Railgun, and Status.

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Oasis joins Blockchain Game Alliance

Blockchain gaming is the fastest growing sector in Web3, and one we believe can rapidly bring us into a user-owned gaming economy. We are excited to join the Blockchain Game Alliance.

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Ecosystem Fund Grew from $160m to $235m

Oasis is committed to fostering Web3 thanks to the Ecosystem Fund, growing to a massive $235 million with new backers.

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Community Projects


Hackathons provide us the chance to share our powerful technology with Web3 builders. We reviewed thousands of submissions across our three major technical Hackathons and were delighted to witness developer excitement for building on Oasis.

The most brilliant concepts are born out of collaboration, which is why we hosted a non-technical community hackathon surfacing ideas for new dApps from creators, aspiring developers, and Web3 enthusiasts alike. The Community Concepts Hackathon brought brilliant use cases for Sapphire to the surface.

‘Keep It Confidential’ Hackathon

This Sapphire Hackathon offered the opportunity to developer teams to create the world’s first confidential dApp built in Solidity, and our top three entries showcased just how powerful this ParaTime is.

ARX’s P2P platform for on- and off-ramping fiat to Web3 took first prize, by demonstrating how this can be done in a decentralized fashion without needing centralized intermediaries. ARX uses Sapphire to provide users of the protocol the privacy and security guarantees that they have grown accustomed to with centralized fiat on/off ramps.

Momentum was our runner up. Momentum is an on-chain and fully confidential messaging service projected for mass adoption. Momentum allows for the sending and receiving messages to and from wallet addresses in a confidential nature. Sapphire enables these messages to remain encrypted until they are unlocked on Momentum.

Finally, we had On-Chain ID. On-chain ID allows users to store personal information, such as social media profiles, on chain as well as the ability to grant/revoke access to third parties. Sapphire’s confidential features enable on-chain ID to be entirely on-chain and decentralized without intermediaries while ensuring data is only seen by those users wish to share it with.

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Bloom Hackathon

The Bloom Hackathon enticed more than 1,000 high-quality submissions to build on our EVM-compatible ParaTime, Emerald.

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Community Concepts Hackathon

We turned to our community to shine a spotlight on potential use cases for Sapphire. Our community pitched many innovative ideas, such as sealed bid NFT auctions improving some of the poor user experience often found during these events and a crypto-reward music video streaming service, in this non-technical Hackathon.

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Gitcoin Hackathon

We took our technology to the builders at Gitcoin and challenged them to build a fun mini-game with on-chain features on the Emerald ParaTime.

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Over the past year, we prioritized attending more events and meeting you in person. We hosted many insightful conversations at crypto conferences and developer meet-ups across the globe.

Oasis Developer Meetup at San Francisco Blockchain Week

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Oasis explains the Future of DeFi and Web3 to Full House at Consensus 2022

Watch the video: What’s Next for DEFI and Web3? | Consensus 2022

Prof. Dawn Song speaks at the Crypto Economics Security Conference

Watch the Video: Crypto Economics Security Conference Day 1 Morning Session — Oct 31, 2022

Prof. Dawn Song talks about Future of Self-Sovereign Identity and Data Sovereignty

Watch the Video: Future of Self-Sovereign Identity and Data Sovereignty | Dawn Song at SmartCon 2022

Prof. Dawn Song discusses Academia to Web3 at Messari Mainnet

Watch the Video: From Academia to Web3 — Messari Mainnet 2022

Linda Lu presents on Decentralized Data Science and Data DAO for Public Good at ETHDenver

Watch the Video: Decentralized Data Science and Data DAO for Public Good — Linda Lu

Here’s to 2023!

The past year brought many wins for the Oasis Network, Ecosystem, and Community. We’re beyond excited to continue building in 2023. Here are our main goals for the new year:

  • The Launch of Oasis Privacy Layer on Mainnet
  • Solidity developers across all EVM networks use Oasis as a privacy layer
  • More opportunities to meet the community — meet-ups, talks and workshops at conferences like ETHDenver, Consensus and Web Summit
  • More grants, hackathons and activities offering continued developer growth and support

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