Meet the Winners of the Oasis Bloom Hackathon 2022

Our Oasis Bloom Hackathon 2022 challenging developers to build a DeFi or P2E Gaming Dapp on the Oasis Emerald, EVM Compatible ParaTime, has now come to an end. We are so grateful for the overwhelming interest and received more than 1000 submissions of high-quality projects, which made it tough for the judges to choose the winners.

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Our Oasis Bloom Hackathon 2022 challenging developers to build a DeFi or P2E Gaming Dapp on the Oasis Emerald, EVM Compatible ParaTime, has now come to an end. We are so grateful for the overwhelming interest and received more than 1000 submissions of high-quality projects, which made it tough for the judges to choose the winners.

We would like to thank all applicants for their hard work and innovative designs and are now thrilled to announce the seven winning projects.

DeFi Mover Awards

Grand Prize ($50k) — Chedda Protocol

Chedda is a lending protocol with isolated lending pools, VE token mechanics, and support for NFT collateralized loans. Users can deposit collateral to take out loans of asset tokens. Their isolated model means that they can have different pools with varying risk profiles, allowing users to deposit high-grade assets such as ETH, WBTC, USDC in “safer” pools, while more risky assets can be used as collateral in riskier pools. This design ensures that having one “bad” asset in one pool does not put the entire protocol at risk, as has been the case with many DeFi hacks. This design also allows Chedda Protocol to offer pools where blue chip ERC-721 tokens can be used as collateral.

Chedda Protocol Demo

Newman Capital Innovator Award ($25k) — XDAO

XDAO is a platform for creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. XDAO’s main goal is to create a tool that makes it safe and easy for people to pool and manage their сapital. XDAO provides more efficient and secure capital management in DeFI. Killer features: — XDAO Connect (interact with any DeFi Protocol directly from your DAO — Hybrid voting system (less gas without sacrificing safety) — DAO creation in 1 minute — Modular architecture (upgrade your DAO for any purposes) — Snapshot API integration To create your own DAO, you no longer need to understand the code or be able to write a smart contract. With XDAO it will take you less than one minute to create your own Decentralized Autonomous Organization. For this hackathon, XDAO built a Payroll module. This module allows for salaries to be paid to employees or the setting up of other regular payments, thus furthering the adoption of crypto currencies in the mainstream and DeFI space.


Distinguished Award ($15k) — Mono

Mono is a smart fund, allowing single token holders to mine LP pools without impermanent loss. Mono solves two major issues in DEX mining by not requiring users to provide both sets of tokens and also by keeping users from impermanent loss.

Mono Finance Demo

GameFi Master Awards

Grand Prize ($50k) — Legions of Oasis

Legions of Oasis is a crypto-native video-game that blurs the line between GameFi and DeFi. It is a decentralized MMORPG with unique DeFi features which create a sustainable protocol with fun and addictive gameplay.

Deposit liquidity to mint playable NFTs called champions. Your champions auto-magically accrue value through yield. Lock your yields to level your champions up which in turn increases your yield rate and governance power. Higher level champions gain access to higher level gameplay which unlocks rarer loot and even more rewards.

Legions of Oasis Demo

NGC Innovator Award ($25k) — Histopia

Histopia is the first open-world metaverse where players can battle, build, own and change the course of the game. A platform for earning, trading, building, customizing, and social common. Histopia’s universe will consist of many planets and every planet is on one blockchain, with the feature of bridging NFTs between planets and competing for the control of the fountain of ERA (which generates our native token). Histopia will be introduced to solve the problems of other platforms and provide new tools. We have solved important issues such as trust and scalability by shifting a large part of the game’s financial structures, logic, and computational burden on smart contracts. We will also attract users with different motivations by combining the idea of play to earn and Metaverse.

Histopia Demo

Distinguished Award ($15k) — CalorieCoin E2E Jump Game

Exercises, including jumping rope, are great for burning calories but besides, offer little motivational reason to engage in the exercise. CalorieCoin, a Dapp on Oasis, solves this problem. Firstly, by creating an exercise to earn system where Caloriecoins are paid as a reward for jumping rope. With CalorieCoin, you can purchase items such as scales, fitness center tickets and other items sold by the CalorieCoin company. Users can alternatively convert CalorieCoin or withdraw for real cash. Users around the globe can play jump rope matches in real time in the Metaverse. The winner can acquire CalorieCoins by smart contract. It will be very interesting to see NFT items worn by the Metaverse Avatar, sending the same realtime data from product tagged NFT QR codes. (Yoga clothes, smartwatch, jump rope etc..) It connects metaverse and the real World into one same space. Existing IoT skipping ropes simply collect exercise record data. There is no jump rope using E2E, metaverse game, and linked NFTs.

Caloriecoin Demo

Bonus Award

Most Innovative Project ($20k) — Vitruvians Tools

Vitruvian Tools is here to produce general solutions so that NFTs in the Oasis ecosystem can do better quality work. The aim is to advance Oasis in the NFT field. Some of the tools that have been developed include: The Discord Role Machine, The Safe NFT Transfer tool, The Sales & Listing Bots, The Whitelist Management Tool, The Rarity Tool, Raffles and auctions.

Further tools such as Staking as a service, NFT Sniper and The NFT Dashboard are soon to be released too.

Vitruvians Tools Demo

All winners will receive one of our exclusive Hackathon NFTs, which have been developed in partnership with the MetaMirror Gallery from the Auth3 Network.

They will also be invited to our annual Demo Day this Fall, where they will have access to mentoring and additional funding from our $250 million Oasis Ecosystem Fund, supported by key backers.

​​If you’re interested in building your project on Oasis, you can apply for funding from our $235 million Ecosystem System Fund and BLOOM Grants programs to help you get started. Please click here to read our developer resources.

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