Bringing YFII to the Oasis Network

Expanding the Oasis Network’s DeFi portfolio with YFII’s yield aggregator.

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Expanding the Oasis Network’s DeFi portfolio with YFII’s yield aggregator.

We’re excited to announce that YFII will be deployed on the Oasis Network. YFII is a leading yield aggregator, and another example of how Oasis is quickly expanding their portfolio of DeFi integrations.

With the recent Mainnet launch, the Oasis Network is now live and well positioned to revolutionize DeFi with it’s scalable, privacy-enabled design. By keeping data encrypted and protected, the Oasis Network can protect against front running, and enable a new class of Open Finance applications that leverage sensitive data, such as bank records and financial statements, to establish the reputation and creditworthiness of individuals.

The Oasis DeFi ecosystem has been rapidly growing, including recently announced partnerships with Balancer, Meter, and more. We’ve also partnered with Second State to build a ParaTime backwards compatible with Ethereum, and run an instance of Uniswap.

“At YFII we’re extremely excited about the Oasis Network’s recent mainnet launch. We see their privacy-enabled blockchain as a real game change for the DeFi space.” Said Ron at YFII

We’re excited to add YFII, a fork of the YFI project, to our growing list of DeFi partners. Currently YFII has launched a few yield strategies including ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, HUSD, BUSD, yCRV, and has created millions of dollars in profits for users. As a leading yield aggregator, they will help users gain maximum yields from apps like Uniswap and Compound.

YFII will be launching on the Oasis Network in the coming months. Together YFII and Oasis hope to reshape the landscape of DeFi and bring fast, reliable, privacy-enabled finance to a decentralized market.

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