Oasis Integrates Celer Messaging Bridge on Sapphire Runtime

Oasis and Celer announce the successful integration of the first messaging bridge on Sapphire mainnet.

The Oasis Network community is excited to announce the successful integration of its first cross-chain messaging bridge with Oasis Sapphire Mainnet, Celer’s Interchain Messaging (IM) Framework; designed as a “plug and play” cross-chain composability solution for building cross-chain dApps to promote efficient liquidity utilization, coherent application logic, and shared state across tens of chains. As such Celer IM is a critical element of infrastructure that enables the performance and functionality of the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL), powered by Sapphire

Celer Network is a leading inter-blockchain and cross-layer communication platform that facilitates fast, secure, and low-cost cross-chain composability and bridging. Celer’s core applications and middleware like the Interchain Messaging (IM) framework have attracted important blockchain contributors and massive end-users throughout Web3.

Some of CelerIM’s most attractive features include:

  • Plug and Play — all Web3 dApps can integrate Celer IM through a simple plug-in contract that often requires no code modifications to deployed code.
  • Multichain Support — Celer IM enables the transfer of arbitrary data like contract calls, messages, tokens, NFTs, and data between L1s, sidechains, and L2s.
  • Single UX — Celer IM allows multiple functions like bridge and swap to be performed within a single user experience. As a result, the users have to go through fewer clicks, significantly improving a dApp’s UX.

With this Celer IM integration, any applications on prominent EVM networks such as Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB, Polygon, Arbitrum, and many more can leverage the Sapphire network’s unique confidentiality features, empowering developers to build EVM-based dApps with customizable confidential state, to bring confidential compute to their  dApps no matter their native network. This greatly expands what can be done in popular web 3 sectors like DeFi, NFTs, Decentralized Identity (DID), DAO governance, and gaming, as well as serve as a catalyst to enable new web3 use cases.

Mass adoption for Web3 begins with the ability for builders and creators to compete with legacy Web2 Web3 products and services. Not only compete with them, but these pioneers also need to surpass them in sophistication, simplicity, and privacy. This is the core issue that Oasis technologies like the Oasis Privacy Layer aim to solve. With Celer, the Sapphire-powered OPL makes it easy to:

  • Design complex, sophisticated and interoperable dApps;
  • Leverage Sapphire technology on any EVM network;
  • Build the next generation of Web3 dApps to compete with Web2;
  • And a lot more!

This latest partnership between Celer and Oasis centered on the Sapphire runtime extends a relationship between the two communities that started in February 2022. For over a year, Celer and Oasis have collaborated to bring both Web3 ecosystems access to instant, low-cost cross-chain value transfers and the best Web3 user experience focused on performance and privacy.

The Oasis community is thrilled about this latest step forward powered by Celer IM and the long-term positive impact it will have on the growth and adoption of Web3.

Explore more about the Oasis Sapphire runtime here.

Learn more about Celer technologies here.

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