Oasis Announces Grant for CoinSender’s Crypto Payments Solution

CoinSender is set to simplify and secure tokenized asset distribution and management with support from the Oasis Foundation.

Oasis is delighted to announce its new grant recipient, CoinSender, through the Oasis Bloom Program to build robust solutions for tokenized asset distribution using Sapphire. Oasis is also proud for the CoinSender grant to mark the second funding disbursement awarded by the Oasis Foundation grants team in 2023. 

What is CoinSender?

CoinSender bridges two worlds by driving global enterprise into the future of Web3.

CoinSender emerged as a SaaS engineered to facilitate simplified distribution and management of tokenized assets for diverse use cases, from payroll in crypto to airdrops, staking and pooling payouts. Driven by its vision, CoinSender is dedicated to addressing multiple challenges inherent to traditional funding distribution procedures in the cryptocurrency realm. 

The platform tackles the labor-intensive processes typically carried out by human resources, finance operators, administrative teams, accountants, and other teams. By mitigating potential risks due to human errors resulting in financial setbacks, CoinSender replaces reliance on archaic centralized software solutions that are susceptible to cyber threats, and the cumbersome need to juggle various applications for distinct accounting functionalities.

CoinSender encompasses accelerated and automated multi-address transaction processing, a smart contract-oriented approach for token distribution, stringent on-chain data security benchmarks achieved through decentralization (e.g., undeniable smart-contract based assets streams, safe and unhackable data storage, additional security to the data behind private variables, and more), intuitive user experiences, and powerful privacy technologies like Sapphire. 

The Oasis Sapphire Integration

The Oasis grant for CoinSender will help leverage privacy tools of the Oasis Sapphire runtime, paving the way for a suite of payments tools that allow users to queue transactions for future execution, create routine transaction executions, build private on-chain disbursement recipient lists and more while preserving sensitive transaction data during and after execution. Other features under development allow the creation of wallet address lists via email invites without disclosing payer or recipient information. 

With Sapphire’s industry-leading confidentiality features, CoinSender aims to elevate privacy standards, especially concerning the safeguarding of data such as wallet addresses, transaction sums and scheduling. Sapphire will serve as the privacy layer for all CoinSender user activity. 

“We’re excited to support the focus on innovation and privacy that CoinSender has for Web3 payments,” said Ade Molajo, Grants Program Manager at Oasis. “Protecting user data in financial services like payments is essential for mainstream trust and adoption of Web3. Sapphire is key to realizing these goals for CoinSender.” 

Payments represent one of the most fundamental use cases for Web3. Payments also involve some of the most sensitive user data in the industry, which makes privacy of paramount importance for teams like CoinSender. By planning to integrate Sapphire’s powerful privacy features, CoinSender aims to not just raise the bar on data security but redefine the sanctity of sensitive financial data for Web3 payments.

Building Smart Privacy Together

Beyond CoinSender, Oasis remains steadfast in its mission to back other Web3 builders championing the cause of advanced privacy solutions for all Web3 applications. Oasis warmly invites innovators, whether newcomers or experts, to join the global community of Oasis builders and creators. Oasis represents the industry-leading solutions for Smart Privacy available to every Web3 ecosystem. 

Visit the Oasis’s grant page for more information on contributing to the future of Web3 privacy. 

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