CoinSender Announces Public Launch of Token Management Tools Powered by Oasis

As an Oasis grant recipient, CoinSender's public launch is an exciting moment for the ecosystem.

CoinSender, a specialized token distribution and management platform, announces today its public launch for all of Web3 following its incubation period supported by a grant from Oasis. In this newly launched accounting and management toolkit, CoinSender elevates the flexibility and simplicity of organizing, automating and planning all kinds of actions that Web3 operators need to complete with their assets. 

What is CoinSender? 

CoinSender bridges two enterprise worlds by driving global businesses into the future of Web3 payments. The platform initially emerged as a SaaS product engineered to facilitate simplified distribution and management of tokenized assets for diverse use cases, from crypto payroll and airdrops to staking and pooling payouts. The CoinSender team is dedicated to addressing multiple challenges inherent to traditional funding distribution procedures in the cryptocurrency realm. 

Packed with dozens of features and benefits, CoinSender also pioneers some innovative tools for token management, including email-based escrow transactions that store sensitive data through privacy, enabled by the Sapphire protocol from Oasis. Scheduled and recurring payment functionalities allow users to plan any sort of monthly disbursement with automated terms and conditions, ideal for payroll in crypto. 

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In August 2023, Oasis announced CoinSender as the recipient of a grant from the Oasis Bloom Program to build robust solutions for tokenized payroll distribution using Sapphire. Oasis proudly awarded this support to CoinSender by marking the grant as the second funding disbursement awarded by the Oasis Foundation grants team in 2023.

Behind the Scenes at CoinSender

With a team of experienced software and blockchain developers, the process of bringing CoinSender from inception to completion was clear and efficient. Engineers and product managers worked around three main phases of development — scheduled and recurring multi-address transactions while keeping data such as the timing and frequency of payments confidential, email transfer and affiliate systems allowing affiliate codes to be confidentially linked to on-chain wallets , and completing the Oasis integration with quality assurance. 

“Integrating Oasis literally opened brand new technological ways for building important features on our product roadmap,” said Vadym Bestaiev, Chief Strategy Officer at CoinSender. “These couldn’t be achieved in other ways without introducing serious risks for sensitive user data, which is absolutely unacceptable.” 

Click here to learn about Sapphire. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate and support Coinsender’s efforts leveraging Oasis Sapphire’s on-chain confidentiality to offer these critical and unique features on their platform”, said William Wendt, Ecosystem Growth Manager at the Oasis Foundation. “Our team and the entire Oasis community look forward to supporting their mission to deliver tailored solutions for managing assets throughout Web3.” 

The Future of Token Management and Distribution

Successfully launching CoinSender to the public is just the beginning. With many core tools being built for token accounting and asset management, the team is also focusing on brand development and community growth. Actively engaging new users, implementing feedback on product changes, and building a strong network of crypto “power users” will take CoinSender to the next level of excellence. 

Protecting user data in financial services like payments is essential for mainstream trust and the adoption of Web3. Sapphire is key to realizing these goals for CoinSender, and Oasis is excited to watch CoinSender raise the bar on data security and redefine the implementation of protections for sensitive financial data in Web3 payments.

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