Community Update: Network Milestones

Here are some of the exciting launches coming to the Oasis Network.

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Here are some of the exciting launches coming to the Oasis Network.


We’ve been hard at work building this year and have a few exciting moments coming.

  • The Oasis-Eth ParaTime by Second State is going live this month. We’ll host a special Hackathon to celebrate the event and give the community a chance to earn rewards.
  • Mainnet Upgrade #1 will be released towards the end of this quarter, with improvements to ParaTime development, Network performance and more.
  • Node Operators are invited to take part in an incentivized testnet for our upcoming ParaTime that will bridge with Ethereum. You can earn rewards and compete for prizes in a competition designed to prepare the ParaTime for its Mainnet launch.

What’s coming to the Oasis Network

With Mainnet behind us, we’ve been hard at work building new features and improvements for the Oasis Network. Our aim for these coming months is to develop the primitives needed to support our growing DeFi ecosystem, while also making it easier to build new DApps and ParaTimes on the Oasis Network. To get there, we have a series of milestones coming up that we are excited to share with the community.

This Month: Mainnet Launch of the Oasis-Eth ParaTime

Oasis Network is unique not just because of its support for confidentiality, but also its flexible design that allows anyone to build a customized compute environment and connect it to the Oasis Consensus Layer.

Last year Oasis ecosystem developer Second State announced it was building their own EVM compatible ParaTime that is completely backwards compatible with Ethereum. Now Second State is ready to bring that ParaTime from Beta to Mainnet! The ParaTime will have support for the entire solidity toolchain, but with throughput orders of magnitude higher than Ethereum and significantly lower gas fees. Developers will be able to port over existing DApps or build entirely new DApps quickly and easily with their easy-to-use coding environment.

Check out to start building.

This Month: Oasis-Eth Hackathon: Part 2

With the launch of the Oasis-Eth ParaTime later this month, we want to give the community an opportunity to test out the developer experience and earn rewards. That means we’re launching a second Oasis-Eth Hackathon with all-new rewards and prizes.

The Hackathon will start soon after the launch of the Oasis-Eth ParaTime on Mainnet, so follow our Telegram channel to stay up to date on the latest news from Oasis.

This Quarter: Mainnet Upgrade #1

Oasis Community engineers are hard at work building the first upgrade for Mainnet. The upgrade will include a broad range of performance improvements, additional features, and support for on-chain governance.

A big focus will be improving the ParaTime developer experience with the introduction of a new ParaTime SDK. This development kit will allow developers to easily build their own custom compute environments and connect them to the Oasis Network. More information can be found in our Roadmap Blog here

Early Q2: Bridge to Ethereum

One of the key goals of the Oasis Network is to unlock privacy-enabled DeFi — helping expand DeFi to larger markets with more mainstream users. To get there we’re building new primitives into the Oasis Network that will make it easier for DeFi developers to build valuable DeFi Dapps and services.

The team is hard at work on the first of these improvements: an Ethereum bridge. This 2-way token bridge will allow for seamless transfers between the Oasis and Ethereum Network. The bridge can be used by token holders or by developers looking to provide access to ROSE or Ethereum based tokens.

Early Q2: Incentivized Testnet Ethereum Bridge ParaTime

As part of the launch of the Ethereum bridge ParaTime, the Oasis Foundation will be hosting an incentivized testnet to stress test the design of the ParaTime, help get Node Operators prepared for the Mainnet deployment of the bridge, and to test out hardware require requirements for the ParaTime like SGX.

Node operators will be able to earn rewards for supporting the bridge ParaTime and compete for a set of prizes. If you’re interested in participating, join the #EthBridgeParaTime channel in our community Slack here. There you can find more information about hardware requirements and receive updates about the competition timing & prizes.

Below are a few technical requirements you should be aware of. While some of these requirements may change, this list below should give you a good sense of what to expect if you are interested in participating in the incentivized testnet. In addition to the existing hardware requirements ( for running a ParaTime node, the additional requirements for running a node for the Ethereum Bridge ParaTime are:

  • CPU support for Intel SGX.
  • Intel SGX support enabled in BIOS.
  • Intel SGX Linux driver installed.
  • AESMD daemon installed and running (easiest using a Docker container, see links below).

The sgx-detect utility provided as part of the Fortanix EDP tools can be used to quickly determine if everything is in order. We currently do not have installation instructions tailored to node operators, but some of these developer-oriented resources may be useful:

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