Confidential EVM ParaTime Sapphire is Now on Testnet

Sapphire, the first confidential EVM-compatible ParaTime, is now live on Testnet. Experience the future of privacy on the blockchain & build confidential dApps with ease.

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As part of our growing network architecture, we are excited to announce Sapphire, the first confidential EVM-compatible ParaTime, is now live on Testnet. Sapphire follows on from the successful launch of our original EVM ParaTime — Emerald.

The Oasis Network operates a modular architecture that separates consensus and smart contract execution into the Consensus Layer and the ParaTime Layer, respectively. The ParaTime layer allows for different runtimes to be crafted, providing new and dynamic computing environments for developers to work in.

Sapphire will enter the industry as a first-of-its-kind confidential EVM computing environment. Solidity developers can easily take advantage of the unique privacy-preserving technology offered by the Oasis Network thanks to the familiar development environment.

At Oasis, we understand that privacy will be an essential pillar in Web3, and privacy-enabled dApps on blockchain will help propel the space forward for a new generation of web users.

Having seen the depth and breadth of the EVM developer community, we noted that Solidity developers lacked options for building privacy-enabled apps, and have now worked to enable this.

The move from Web2 to Web3 calls for a deeper focus on privacy and data ownership, both core value propositions at Oasis. So, while offering other privacy-enabled runtimes, such as Cipher ParaTime, we also wanted to appeal to the powerful cohort of Solidity developers looking to build privacy-enabled dApps for a Web3 future.

By building on Sapphire, developers will also have access to the world-class privacy-preserving technology from Oasis, allowing them to be part of the new responsible data economy we are looking to form.

More information will be made available soon on the progress of Sapphire towards launching on Mainnet — stay tuned for more details to come.

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