Unlocking Web3 Education with Oasis Academy

Oasis Academy is a community-led initiative to accelerate adoption through self-paced education about everything in Web3.

Oasis understands that education is a key prerequisite for adoption. 

Because of this, the Oasis community is excited to announce the launch of the beta version of Oasis Academy an immersive educational experience for driving adoption, promoting self-paced learning, and elevating the knowledge of Web3 users, ambassadors, BUIDLERs, and creators. Oasis Academy is launching today in beta to provide initial educational materials to the community for feedback and further improvement.

Learn more about web3 account abstraction here.

Inside the Oasis Academy

Oasis Academy is a dedicated educational platform built by the Oasis community inside the Oasis Rose Garden. The primary purpose of Oasis Academy is to provide comprehensive blockchain education with a specific focus on privacy and the Oasis Network. From structured courses and lessons to quizzes and certificates of completion, users will have the opportunity to enhance their blockchain knowledge and earn rewards through the Academy.

Course material inside the Oasis Academy portal is designed for general users and technical developers alike, as both demographics share a passion for learning and building in Web3. From simplified tutorials about blockchain basics to advanced guides and tailored workshops, anyone interested in learning about crypto will find something useful in the Academy. 

“Oasis Academy is a milestone achievement for our global community of BUIDLERs, users and ambassadors who care deeply about growing Web3 through education instead of hype,” said Mihnea Stefanescu, Community Lead at the Oasis Foundation. “Oasis Academy offers an in-depth, self-paced learning experience for anyone interested in the future of technology and the world of blockchain.” 

At launch, Oasis Academy offers multiple introductory courses on the basics of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Web3, and more. The Oasis Foundation team will produce and publish new course material each week going forward. 

Objectives and Activities for the Academy

Every reward, milestones and activity inside the Academy is designed to orchestrate a highly knowledgeable community that is fluent in the language of Web3. As a community project, the Oasis Academy will never become stale or outdated. All educational materials will be refreshed, updated, and revised as appropriate. 

User feedback is also essential to the success of the Academy. The Oasis community will work to tailor content to the community’s preferences based on a native feedback portal from self-taught users who progress through the courses and quizzes. 

Get started in the Oasis Academy here! During the learning process, chat with the Oasis community in the official Oasis Network Discord here

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