Join The Oasis Bloom Hackathon Events

Are you a passionate and daring developer? Oasis Network is looking for creators like you! Join the Oasis Bloom Hackathon and win up to $200,000 in prizes!

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Are you a passionate and daring developer? Oasis Network is looking for creators like you! Join the Oasis Bloom Hackathon and win up to $200,000 in prizes!

Join our upcoming events to learn more about the Hackathon, network, and win extra prizes!

Upcoming Hackathon Events

  • Find a Team — March 31, 6 PM UTC
  • Office Hours — April 4, 8 AM UTC
  • DEFI 2.0: Trends & Project Ideas — April 5, 5 PM UTC
  • P2E Gaming: Trends & Project ideas — April 12, 7 PM UTC
  • Project Ideas Pitch Night — April 14, 5 PM UTC
  • Hackathon Telegram AMA — April 20, 3 PM UTC
  • Office Hours — April 27, 6 PM UTC

🖥️ Find a Team

Date and Time: March 31 | 6 PM UTC

Looking for a team? We have the best crypto talent in town! Join this event to meet more like-minded people with a drive to shape Web3!


🗣️ Office Hours

Date and Time: April 4 | 8 AM UTC

We’re here for you! Ask our developers questions on how to build in crypto and receive expert advice and support!


🎤 Hackathon Telegram AMA

Date and Time: April 20 | 3 PM UTC

Learn more about the Hackathon and how to participate. The AMA is the perfect opportunity to have all your questions answered!


😎 Project Ideas Pitch Night

Date and Time: April 14 | 5 PM UTC

Do you have cool ideas for the Hackathon? Pitch your idea, practice, receive real-time feedback, and earn extra prizes. The coolest ideas will receive $2K in ROSE!


💡DEFI 2.0: Trends & Project Ideas

Date and Time: April 5 | 5 PM UTC

Interested in DeFi 2.0, join to learn more! Receive insights from industry experts, engage in discussion and ideas for the Hackathon!


🕹️ P2E Gaming: Trends & Project ideas

Date and Time: April 12 | 7 PM UTC

P2E games are hot right now! Stimulate discussion and debate with some great speakers, so don’t miss it!


🎙️ Office Hours 2

Date and Time: April 27 | 6 PM UTC

A live Q&A session with some of the best developers in crypto answering all your questions!


Register Now for the Oasis Bloom Hackathon!

What are you waiting for? The Oasis Bloom Hackathon is a brilliant way to inspire creativity and innovation in the Web3 movement! 🌎

Submit your application by May 2, 2022.


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