Node Operator Spotlight: WeTez

Wetez is a professional staking as service provider for proof of stake blockchains from China. Most of the team members are from Internet companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, etc. The main members have been working on blockchain for many years and have rich experience in product, technology and marketing.

This is a new series highlighting the amazing work node operators on the Oasis Network are doing. To learn more and to become a node operator on the Oasis Network, go here.

Tell us about your team — who are you, where are you based?

Wetez is a professional staking as service provider for proof of stake blockchains from China. Most of the team members are from Internet companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, etc. The main members have been working on blockchain for many years and have rich experience in product, technology and marketing.

What made you interested in Proof-of-Stake networks? What was the first network you ran a validator for? What other networks are you running validators for?

Liam, the founder of Wetez, has a very in-depth study of PoS consensus. Based on the research of PoS, he also wrote a book, named Mastering PoS Consensus, which is currently open to everyone on github. Reviewing the whole history of PoS development, including project history, technology history, incentive history, offensive and defensive history etc, it is found that the development of PoS is gradually bringing “man rule” into the world of “Code is law”. In addition to code, blockchain is creating a new form of “state”, and the people who participated in it undoubtedly played the role of money printer, judge, or even chairman. This made us excited.

Wetez started to provide Staking services from the Tezos project, and currently supports Cosmos, Loom, Edgeware, Polkadot, Kava, Harmony, IRISnet and other projects. In addition, Wetez is also running testnets for Oasis, Platon, Akash, Elrond, NEAR and other projects.

Tell us about your business model and how you think about delegation and commission rates.

At present, Wetez core business model is staking service. In order to allow token holders to easily delegate their tokens to validators, we have written tutorials for projects that currently support staking services. The tutorials show detailed steps of account import, delegation, and reward claiming.

You can view the link here. Wetez commission fee is always set at the level to cover the team basic operation, which is considered a competitive price.

In addition to running nodes, does your team focus on other aspects of the blockchain ecosystem? Community efforts, building tooling, token economic research, etc?

In addition to running nodes, Wetez also focuses on community construction, the output of original content, the development of wallet tools, and various online and offline activities.

  • Community building: Currently, Wetez has established 13 Wechat groups with more than 5000+ community members. We share the latest developments of projects with community members every day to guide them to participate in discussion. Based on Wetez’s influence in the PoS field , we will bring more people to know these projects, understand blockchain, and then participate in building the ecosystem.
  • Original content: We have written more than 200 articles about PoS staking, including nearly 20 Cosmos articles, and introduced many deep-dive articles related to PoS staking and DeFi. In February, Wetez published an article about Oasis. These articles have attracted attention in the Chinese community and helped Chinese users understand these projects in depth.
  • Wallet: Wetez wallet is a mobile wallet designed for PoS which has integrated with Tezos, Cosmos, IRISnet, Loom, Ethereum, etc. The main features include sending, receiving and delegation for validators, and is very simple to use.
  • Various online and offline activities: Wetez has teamed up with the Wuya community to organize insight series of offline activities, Cosmos offline meeting , and Tezos first AMA in China and other Staking and DeFi sharing meetings. Wetez team also holds blockchain project AMA regularly. At present, Oasis, Harmony, Algorand, NEAR and other project leaders have been invited to the Wetez community to share about technology, future developments and marketing. In the future, we will organize more activities to contribute to community construction.

Tell us about why you joined the Oasis Network. What made you interested to join?

The reason that Wetez joined the Oasis network is that Oasis tried to break the bottleneck of public chain performance and privacy, and achieve higher throughput and data security through confidential compute technologies. When Oasis’ vision comes true, it will take a big step forward for blockchain technology. In addition, Dawn Song and her team have made great achievements in the field of computer security. From the perspective of Oasis development, Oasis team pays more attention to technology and the underlying blockchain platform. We are very optimistic about development of Oasis and have great expectations for the future of Oasis.

Anything that’s made you particularly excited about the Network — technology wise, communitywise, etc?

In the process of participating in Oasis testnet , Wetez found that many excellent node operators have joined Oasis network, which shows that Oasis is a project that deserves attention and is also a good signal for future development.

Any big feedback or things we should work on?

According to the development of Oasis, everything is ok . But in terms of communities and specifically Oasis China community, it’s still at the early stage. We know that the team is ramping up their efforts, and we look forward to more developers and users joining the Oasis ecosystem.

In 5 years where do you hope to see the Oasis Network? What kinds of problems would you like the community and foundation to be focused on solving collectively?

We are looking forward to more and more applications being built on the Oasis network to protect everyone’s data. Building the Oasis community is not only a matter that community members need to do, but also a top priority for Oasis Foundation, which requires the efforts of all stakeholders. As mentioned above, we hope that more developers and users will join the ecosystem to build a prosperous community.

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