Node Operator Spotlight: WolfEdge Capital

Focused on the most ambitious early stage blockchain startups

Focused on the most ambitious early stage blockchain startups

This is a new series highlighting the amazing work node operators on the Oasis Network are doing. To learn more and to become a node operator on the Oasis Network, go here.

Tell us about your team — who are you, where are you based

WolfEdge Capital is a crypto-based investment fund with an exclusive focus on the most ambitious early age blockchain startups.

What made you interested in Proof-of-Stake networks? What was the first network you ran a validator for? What other networks are you running validators for?

Mohak Agarwal, the CEO of WolfEdge Capital started researching Proof Of Stake networks from a very early stage and always wanted to become a network participant in the emerging PoS networks. By running validator nodes on a network we get to see the team in action from a very early stage and get first-hand experience of the core skills of the team.

We started our first node on Tomochain, and now other than Oasis, we run validator nodes on Loki, Idex, Matic, Harmony, Skale, Kusama, and in the final stages of running the validator nodes on a few more networks.

Tell us about your business model and how you think about delegation and commission rates.

We don’t run nodes for clients yet. However, if we do, we believe along with competitive rates, it’s more important to be an active community participant. The community would always prefer to delegate their votes to a validator who has been active since the beginning rather than a validator who can self delegate(like an exchange) for as long as possible.

In addition to running nodes, does your team focus on other aspects of the blockchain ecosystem? Community efforts, building tooling, token economic research, etc?

Token Economics Research: We have researched token economics for a very large number of projects till now and have invested only in a handful of very high-quality projects. We are happy to work with any network that wants to brainstorm over token economics.

Proof of Stake Game theory: We have experience in researching as well as running validator nodes on a lot of networks, which gives us the capabilities to design one of the best game theory mechanics for a PoS network. The importance of game theory is the most crucial thing in a PoS network.

Capital Raise: We work with very high-quality investors to help digital assets startups raise the right amount of capital.

Tell us about why you joined the Oasis Network. What made you interested to join?

With the current age of data being considered the fuel, the censorship has been increasing around us every day. Oasis solves it by providing a platform to run these apps by maintaining privacy and at the same time making them decentralized using blockchain technology.

Anything that’s made you particularly excited about the Network — technology wise, community-wise, etc?

We really like that Oasis is building a privacy-first network. Almost anything can be solved at layer 2 but privacy has to be solved at layer 1 itself and we are really happy that Oasis wants to support projects focused on making a privacy-first internet a reality.

Any feedback or things we should work on?

It would be great to see the simple tutorial videos that work even for dummies. Like “How to build an app on Oasis for dummies” or “How to move an app from xyz network to oasis for dummies”.

In 5 years where do you hope to see the Oasis Network? What kinds of problems would you like the community and foundation to be focused on solving collectively?

We hope to see 100s of apps live on Oasis Network and it becoming a pioneer in the privacy space to the extent that anyone who’s planning to build a privacy-first app, would think Oasis as their first choice. For the apps that Oasis will be fostering, the focus should be to make them as simple as possible for the masses. Today, user onboarding is the biggest roadblock for most of the dApps.

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