Oasis Announces Landmark “Eden” Network Upgrade

Network validators prepare to initiate the process of upgrading Mainnet to Oasis Core 23.0.

The Oasis Network is about to get a lot better! 

Oasis engineers are thrilled to announce Eden, a monumental upcoming Mainnet upgrade to the Oasis Network. Following the successful Testnet network upgrade in October, Eden marks the readiness of the latest Oasis Core 23.0 for Mainnet. This new release brings a multitude of feature updates, technical optimizations and overall improvements to enhance the performance, resilience and overall security of the Oasis Network. 

Everything you need to know about the Mainnet upgrade is included in this post, so keep reading! 

“Under the Rose”: Inside Oasis Core 23.0

Everyone in the Oasis ecosystem should understand what changes with the Eden upgrade. 

First, why “Eden”? 

Naming this important network upgrade points directly to the core motif of Oasis in a few notable ways. The idea of an eden conjures notions of pristine beauty and natural perfection in both secular culture and according to most Abrahamic religions. In other words, it’s a sort of “oasis” of safety, security, and solace in a difficult world. This garden-like trope also extends to the name given to the native token of the Oasis Network. Throughout much of human history, roses connote a sense of secrecy, safety, confidentiality, and trust. From Ancient mythology to Medieval symbolism, roses have a rich tradition of denoting confidentiality.

Previous Oasis upgrades also follow this naming convention, as long-time Oasis ecosystem members will remember. These names include Cobalt, Damask (see more), and more. In the fully digital landscape of Web3, the naming conventions for the Oasis ecosystem are meant to perpetuate these historically significant values and ideals along the rose-themed convention as crypto enthusiasts unite to rebuild a global internet that prioritizes the protection of personal information.

A previous post on the Oasis blog during the Testnet upgrade explained the various far-reaching improvements from the latest Oasis Core release. Here’s a short list of the major Oasis Network features that are improved with Eden: 

  • Delegators will be able to vote on on-chain governance proposals.
  • On-chain governance will include voting on network parameter changes (e.g. staking rewards schedule).
  • Same-block execution (i.e., ParaTimes) are able to obtain the latest consensus state without delay.
  • Instantaneous ParaTime Upgrades, i.e. no mandatory downtime of one epoch for upgrades of confidential ParaTimes.
  • Ephemeral and state key rotations that help mitigate the effects of compromised key manager nodes.
  • Overall ParaTime robustness and performance improvements.
  • State sync through Oasis Node’s enhanced P2P stack enabling immediate synchronization of new Oasis nodes.
  • Nodes have the ability to distribute ParaTime bundles automatically.

Click here to read a detailed rundown of all protocol upgrades in Eden. 

Initiating an Oasis Node Upgrade

Reviewing this post is a great first step to prepare for participating in the Mainnet upgrade. 

All validators, developers, stakers and any other network participant are also invited to navigate to the network documentation and familiarize themselves with both the protocol changes and the upgrading process. Readers are also free to run the Oasis Node binary and prepare a migrated configuration file. 

Participating in the Eden upgrade is a step-by-step process. Each step is explained in detail with all the relevant information in the Oasis Network documentation. Click here to find instructions for a Mainnet node upgrade. Node upgrades should be performed only after the Oasis Network has reached the upgrade epoch and halted.

Click here to access the new Oasis Core release. 

Finding Help During the Upgrade

Anyone who would like to stay up-to-date with the latest information or has any questions during the Eden upgrade is encouraged to join the official Oasis community Discord server. Core contributors at Oasis will be available to answer questions and fellow node operators are encouraged to also support individuals seeking help and guidance. 

In particular, pay attention to these two channels: 

Beyond other discussions happening in the server, these channels are dedicated to sharing real-time updates and any critical notifications related to the upgrade. Other resources are also available in the technical channels of the Oasis Discord server. 

A Message to the Oasis Community

Anyone who is participating in or simply observing the Eden upgrade is encouraged to closely monitor Oasis community channels. The Oasis Core team will share real-time updates and any critical notifications related to the upgrade in Discord, and the community should not miss this landmark event in the history of the Oasis Network. Support from the global community of developers, creators, researchers, ambassadors, and others means everything to the long-term success of Oasis. 

To keep up with the latest Oasis developments, check out our blog.

Eden is one more step in bringing smarter privacy to Web3!

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