Oasis blazes the trail for DeFi 2.0 in new partnership with ThetaNuts

Oasis Foundation is excited to announce a partnership with Thetanuts.finance, the major DeFi derivatives protocol that will bring structured products to Emerald, Oasis’ official EVM-compatible ParaTime.

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Oasis Foundation is excited to announce a partnership with Thetanuts.finance, the major DeFi derivatives protocol that will bring structured products to Emerald, Oasis’ official EVM-compatible ParaTime.

ThetaNuts uses structured product vaults to make institutional-grade strategies accessible to everyone, and they have the most extensive selection of ‘altcoin’ option vaults along with Bitcoin and Ethereum vaults.

Jernej Kos, Director of Oasis Foundation, said: “We are very much looking forward to having ThetaNuts deployed on Emerald. Not only will it bring options strategies to the Oasis community, but, more importantly, DeFi 2.0”

Through options trading, the vaults generate actual yield by way of premiums, and coupled with the yield offered by native token incentives, ThetaNuts boasts one of the highest APY for ROSE. ThetaNuts uses a hybrid DeFi model. Investment, collateral management, and settlement are executed ‘on-chain’, and risk and leverage are fulfilled ‘off-chain’. The ROSE vaults will be utilized to provide a new scalable source of ROSE.

Darius Sit, Co-Founder & CIO of QCP Capital, the market maker for the ROSE vaults, said: “We were early backers of the Oasis Network, and naturally run a large ROSE OTC-traded options book. By providing increased access, transparency, efficiency, and scalability, the ThetaNuts vaults bring extra scope to the ROSE volume market for investors and market makers alike.”

As the network’s default ParaTime for EVM-based DApps, Emerald allows for cross-chain interoperability and offers full EVM compatibility and easy integration with DeFi. The Oasis Network is scalable and ideal for DeFi due to its instant finality, 99% lower gas fees versus Ethereum, high throughput, privacy protection, and defense against MEV. Recently, Oasis announced the launch of the substantial $160 million Oasis Ecosystem Fund, supported by top industry backers to help build the future of DeFi apps.

About QCP Capital:

QCP Capital is a leader in crypto derivatives with a $2 billion options book trading across exchanges, OTC and Defi. With a team of over 60 based in Singapore, QCP has a strong presence in Asia and are also active early investors in the best crypto projects (including Oasis) https://qcp.capital/

About Thetanuts:

Thetanuts is a cross chain structured products protocol currently live on Ethereum, BSC, AVAX and Oasis with many more chains covered soon. It runs automated yield bearing strategies for various alt-coins across the various EVM chains. https://thetanuts.finance/

About Oasis

Oasis is the leading decentralized, privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain network. Combined with its high throughput, low gas fees and secure architecture, the Oasis Network is able to power scalable DeFi, revolutionizing Open Finance and expanding it beyond traders and early adopters to a mass market. Oasis has many key backers including Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain, Pantera, Dragonfly, and Binance Labs, and several projects already building on its network & partners such as the CryptoSafe Alliance with Binance, Genetica, The BMW Group, Chainlink, Balancer, and others.

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