Oasis-Eth Hackathon Winners!

A round up of our second Oasis-Eth Hackathon, with over 21K smart contracts deployed, winners for best app and more!

A round up of our second Oasis-Eth Hackathon, with over 21K smart contracts deployed, winners for best app and more!

The second Oasis-Eth Hackathon is complete! We had a huge turnout and it was exciting to see the community enthusiasm for the Oasis Network and our growing ecosystem of ParaTimes. As a quick reminder, the hackathon had three main challenges:

  • Challenge #1: Build & Deploy an ERC20 Token Contract
  • Challenge #2: Build an NFT
  • Challenge #3: Build & Deploy your Own DApp (Top 3 apps receive prizes)

We received many entries for each, including a fantastic set of submission for the grand prize of “Best DApp”.

Here are just a few highlights from the event. The community really dove in with over 21k new smart contracts deployed, and 472 new DApps published. That totaled to 700+ winners. This included 3 very special projects that won our grand prize for Challenge #3:

  1. Tulip Swap — An automated market maker that allows tokens to be exchanged on the Oasis-Eth Paratime. Users can also participate in Yield Farming to earn TULIP tokens.
  2. MicroMix — A mixer that moves ETH or ERC20 tokens from one address to another in a way that nobody except the sender can know for sure that these addresses are linked.
  3. Rosebud Finance — A “Uniswap” type product that allows you to swap tokens on the Oasis-Eth ParaTime.

We also had a few “runner up” projects that are just too good not to share.

  • Intoo TV on Oasis — A P2P Live-streaming platform to design, share and monetize real-life experiences.
  • Oasis Waste Management — Oasis Waste Management is a decentralised application built using Oasis Network for rewarding users and maintaining waste by Government/City corporations. This DApp shows how rewards can be distributed to Users on disposing waste properly in Crypto Tokens.

Thanks to everyone who participated! If you completed the challenge, submitted your results, and your submission satisfied at least one of the challenges, we’ll reach out with more information on how many ROSE tokens you won and how to claim your reward.

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