Oasis Network Announces Partnership with Anchorage

Anchorage will act as the official custody provider for the Oasis Network.

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Anchorage will act as the official custody provider for the Oasis Network.

We’re excited to announce that Anchorage will be the Oasis Network’s official custody provider for the network’s utility token, ROSE.

Slated to launch on the Oasis Network Mainnet, the ROSE token will enable institutional holders to initiate and approve transactions securely, vote on governance questions facing the Oasis Network, and stake, delegate or claim ROSE tokens.

With the launch of the Oasis Network Mainnet, ROSE will be used to pay transactions on the consensus layer of the Oasis Network. The Oasis Network is separated into two parts: the Consensus Layer and the ParaTime Layer. This unique design allows Oasis Network to parallelize operations and scale each layer independently so that it can create custom runtimes to support the most complex and specific use cases. Privacy-first and EVM compatible ParaTimes are currently in development. Designed to give users financial sovereignty and control of their data, ROSE will play a critical role in how ecosystem partners interact with each other and how data is permissioned for usage or storage on Oasis Network.

“As the official and preferred custody provider for Oasis ROSE, Anchorage is proud to support the dual missions of advancing open finance and a responsible data economy,” said Diogo Mónica, Anchorage Co-Founder and President.

The most advanced digital asset platform for institutions, Anchorage provides a wide range of crypto-native financial services, including custody, trading, financing, and support for on-chain participation like staking and governance. As a state-chartered trust company with fiduciary powers, Anchorage Trust Company is a Qualified Custodian that helps SEC-registered investment advisers meet their obligations under federal law. Through this partnership, holders of the Oasis ROSE token now have the option of holding their assets with a Qualified Custodian that is both more secure and usable than cold storage.

If you’d like to learn more about ROSE read our blog here.

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