Oasis Odyssey 2.0: Now on Guild and Galxe

Moving to Guild and Galxe allows Oasis to take advantage of Guild’s on-chain quests and more!

After an impressive launch of Oasis Odyssey in July 2023, with over 140k community submissions, Oasis is happy to share that Sapphire ParaTime has been added to Guild and Galxe, premier platforms for Web3 membership management. This addition marks Oasis’ transition from its previous community management platform, Zealy, to Guild, taking advantage of Guild’s onchain quest for users to fully explore what Oasis Sapphire has to offer.

Oasis Sapphire will be able to use Guild for management purposes, while also allowing Oasis Odyssey users to embark on onchain adventures for a chance to win from a prize bowl of up to $1,000 of ROSE — with more coming in the future. Now, Oasis Odyssey participants will be able to not only learn more about the community that they are passionate about, but cash in on some serious prize pools.

Quests will be planned in advanced by Oasis, with some low ballers including interacting with an Oasis Twitter post, to high earners such as launching a smart contract on Sapphire. All is powered and automatically tracked by Guild’s identity infrastructure, aggregating wallet addresses and social accounts. Users can start building their Guild Accounts by connecting their Sapphire wallet address with Oasis smart privacy in action.

This addition solidifies Oasis in the mission to keep providing the most innovative and privacy-centric solutions for the Web3 community. “We are thrilled to see Oasis Sapphire go live on Guild. On-chain quests will allow the Oasis Odyssey community to explore the Oasis Ecosystem and earn rewards while doing so,” said Sara Zawiasa, Account Manager at Guild.

Introducing a new era for on-chain quests for Oasis, the seamless integration of Sapphire’s smart privacy technology, paired with Guild’s modular toolkit of 70+ integrations and solutions that Oasis will take advantage of, will enable more features for both Oasis and its Odyssey users. Sapphire, known for its robust and customizable privacy layer, ensures that users’ Sapphire wallet addresses are protected while tapping into Guild benefits of rewards for users, meaning that Oasis can track what is necessary and leave what is private to the users.

“Adding Oasis Sapphire to Guild and Galxe helps open up a world of possibilities for smarter privacy and fun in dApps, setting a new standard for what it means to BUIDL and earn in a better Web3,” said Mihnea Stefanescu, Community Lead at Oasis. “We are excited to see what kind of treasures Oasis Odyssey 2.0 can unlock, thanks to onboarding onto Guild.” As Oasis looks to continue providing a safe, secure and private environment for its users, it is important to have a secure management site that allows Odyssey to tap into as many perks Sapphire can offer — making dApps enjoyable for everyone involved.

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