Oasis Tutorial Contest

Create Tutorials for Oasis and Win $5,000+ in Prizes.

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Create Tutorials for Oasis and Win $5,000+ in Prizes

Oasis is launching the Oasis Tutorial Contest, calling on knowledgeable community members to create step-by-step tutorials showing others how to use the Network.

Between July 8 and October 8, we want you to create video, PDF or PPT tutorials on various topics covering the Oasis Network. The top 10 tutorial submissions will each receive $300 in USDT/ROSE, while the best three will be awarded $1,000 in USDT/ROSE.

We are not only looking for outstanding educational content from our community but also for the content to help newcomers to the Network understand certain aspects. Apart from the $1,000 prize for the top three submissions, these tutorials will also feature on the official Oasis channels and documentation.


What you need to do

  • Build an accurate, comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial showcasing how you use a feature, service or Dapp on the Oasis Network.
  • Create your tutorial under one of the categories outlined below.
  • Submissions should have an introduction explaining the purpose of the tutorial and include links to existing Oasis tutorials, references and API documentation.
  • Include code examples where applicable.

What are the rules

  • Format: A quality video — minimum 5 minutes long, or a PDF/PPT doc.
  • Language: English only
  • Quality: Ensure clear video footage, images, slides and frames.
  • Judging: Decisions will be made based on originality, creativity, simplicity, accuracy, practical implementation and ease of understanding.

How to take part

Once you have created your tutorial to the standards set out above, you can submit it via the Google Form here

All decisions on winners will be made at Oasis’ sole discretion and are final. Oasis might request some edits to tutorials to be eligible for a prize. Prizes can only be awarded to those who have gone through KYC checks.


There are ten categories for you to make tutorials on. Please select one of the following for your video, PDF or PPT explainer.

  • How to set up a wallet, stake ROSE and move funds between the consensus layer and the Emerald Paratime.
  • Oasis Network Architecture Overview
  • How to build a dApp on Sapphire Testnet
  • Why Oasis has native support for Rollups
  • How to set up a Validator node
  • How to ​​run a ParaTime node
  • How to set up an EVM dev environment and deploy smart contracts on Emerald
  • How to use DeFi on Oasis using Wormhole Bridge and Fountain or YuzuSwap
  • How to trade NFTs on MetaMirror. How to participate in a minting event of an NFT collection
  • How to launch an NFT collection using MetaMirror MLaunch

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