Oraichain Announces Plans to Bring Oasis Privacy Layer to Cosmos

Oraichain is bringing smart privacy primitives like OPL from the Oasis Network to Cosmos.

Oasis is excited to announce and support the integration of the Oasis Privacy Layer by Oraichain into the Cosmos ecosystem. Bringing smart privacy primitives like OPL from the Oasis Network to Cosmos is the first step in an important effort to elevate the confidentiality tooling available to builders and users on Cosmos. 

What is Oraichain? 

Oraichain is an Interblockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)-enabled Layer 1 protocol optimized for AI-infused dApps and oracle services designed for secure and transparent AI integration with multidimensional Trustworthy Proofs™️. Oraichain is committed to broadly expanding functionality and improving Web3 user experience by ensuring the safe delivery of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) services. 

Using the IBC by Cosmos, Oraichain launched OraiDEX as a CosmWasm-based decentralized exchange on its network with highly competitive swap execution speeds, liquidity, and cross-chain interoperability. 

But Oraichain’s goal extends beyond on-chain asset swaps. Moving (a.k.a., bridging) native tokens, collectibles, and other virtual property between Ethereum, Binance Chain, TRON and other networks to Orainchain is a key component of the protocol’s vision. All of these activities need appropriate levels of user confidentiality to protect sensitive data from snooping and scraping by unauthorized third parties. 

Cue the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL). 

Adding the Oasis Privacy Framework to Cosmos

As part of its plan to accelerate better ecosystem privacy, Oraichain’s work with the Oasis ecosystem will be complete with publishing Cosmos-focused developer documentation, exploration of secret ballots for CW20, confidential gaming tooling, private market makers, and more. Oraichain also plans to upgrade its native OraiBridge to support message passing, which will facilitate the integration with the Oasis Privacy Layer.

In short, Oraichain is barring no holds in using the full spectrum of Oasis privacy tools inside the Cosmos community. This announcement marks just the beginning of a series of projects planned by Oraichain to enrich privacy for builders on Cosmos. 

“We are thrilled to work with the Oasis team to accelerate the implementation of robust, customizable privacy throughout Web3, specifically on Cosmos,” said Tyree Robinson, Head of Ecosystem at Oraichain. “In time, we expect the privacy landscape within our community on Cosmos to be fundamentally reshaped by the powerful frameworks that Oasis provides.” 

Read more about Celer bridge integration on Oasis Privacy Layer here

“Oraichain has demonstrated its commitment to safe and secure user data protection through fully integrating the Oasis Privacy Layer,” said Jernej Kos, Engineering Director at the Oasis Foundation. “We are excited to watch and support their exploration of all possible use cases for better privacy with our tools without compromising efficiency and usability.” 

The Future of Cosmos Privacy

Builders, creators, ambassadors and users throughout the Oasis ecosystem are excited to work with Oraichain and the rest of the Cosmos community to integrate better privacy. Both segments of the Web3 landscape – Oasis and Cosmos – are committed to ensuring secure, confidential experience for everyone in crypto. Oraichain’s initiative to embrace the Oasis Privacy Layer framework is a landmark achievement for smart privacy within the Cosmos community. 

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