Oasis Foundation Approves SmartWhales Grant for Confidential Copy-Trading

SmartWhales adds Oasis confidentiality to the complex world of onchain trading to elevate the standards for financial privacy in Web3.

The Oasis Foundation is proud to announce a newly approved grant for SmartWhales, an innovative on-chain copy-trading platform, to integrate the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL), the industry-leading framework for cross-chain confidentiality. With support from Oasis, the SmartWhales team will expand their efforts to build efficient, accessible, and secure onchain trading platforms for crypto investors supported with robust privacy. 

Founded in 2023, the SmartWhales team is on a mission to change the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) by bridging the gap between novice investors and veteran traders. By simplifying tools and strategies for accessing onchain markets, tracking profitable wallets, and replicating trades, SmartWhales is poised to redefine how Web3 investors maximize their potential. Already the SmartWhales team is building cross-chain tools for Optimism, Arbitrum, and Binance Smart Chain. But every blockchain network faces the problem of default transparency for the large amounts of sensitive financial data involved in executing and managing onchain trades, which is why SmartWhales is turning to Oasis for the confidentiality that can protect its users information. 

In tandem with its mission to empower traders across multiple networks, SmartWhales is integrating the cross-chain privacy framework by Oasis called the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL). In short, OPL transports the confidentiality of the Sapphire runtime on Oasis to any other EVM network in Web3. Combining the power of OPL with the trading tools on SmartWhales results in a game-changing ability to add confidentiality to the complex world of onchain trading and elevate the standards for financial privacy in Web3. The Oasis Grants Program approved $25,000 to support SmartWhales’ OPL integration. 

“Innovative tools for active investors require industry-leading privacy solutions to protect and empower individuals alongside sophisticated institutional players,” said Gabriele, the Co-Founder of SmartWhales. “Oasis provides the best confidentiality infrastructure available in Web3, and we are excited to work with them to bring the power of the Oasis Privacy Layer to SmartWhale traders.” 

Oasis launched OPL as a mechanism for developers to access simple and smart privacy solutions on any blockchain network for any Web3 dApp. On the surface, OPL is a framework of a few hundred lines of code that acts as a gateway to better privacy. By allowing access to the powerful confidentiality features of the Sapphire runtime built by Oasis, OPL acts as a cross-chain framework between whatever host network a developer chooses and the Oasis Sapphire network via messaging bridges and relaying infrastructure.

“At Oasis, we’re thrilled to see the SmartWhales platform include the necessary privacy that Web3 traders and investors deserve,” said William Wendt, Ecosystem Growth Manager at the Oasis Foundation. “The SmartWhales team understands the importance and improved utility of protecting sensitive financial data onchain, and we are glad to work with them to integrate OPL.”

Explore the SmartWhales platform for onchain trading and investing. 

Discover the cross-chain confidentiality offered by the Oasis Privacy Layer

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