The Oasis Network joins the BSN Platform Alongside Polkadot and Bityuan

BSN’s addition of the Oasis Network unlocks a new privacy-enabled blockchain for China’s developers.

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BSN’s addition of the Oasis Network unlocks a new privacy-enabled blockchain for China’s developers.

BSN International, a global public infrastructure network for cross-platform DApp development, announced today that it would be integrating the Oasis Network, a privacy-enabled scalable blockchain network, into the BSN platform.

With the launch of Oasis’ privacy-focused, layer-one network on the BSN public chain, blockchain and DApp developers in China will be able to leverage Oasis Network, a privacy-enabled, scalable blockchain built for decentralized finance and a responsible, user-owned data economy.

With its high scalability and privacy-preserving architecture, the Oasis Network aims to power private, scalable Decentralized Finance (DeFi) — expanding beyond traders and early adopters to a mass market. The Oasis Network’s privacy features can also create a new type of digital asset called Tokenized Data that allows users to take control of their data and earn rewards for staking it. The network uses the novel ParaTime Architecture that separates consensus from computation, which allows it to have greater scalability and support diverse specialized computation needs.

“Through this collaboration, we’re expanding access to our privacy-enabled scalable blockchain, and coming one step closer to realizing our vision for DeFi and Tokenized Data “ said Jernej Kos, Director of the Oasis Foundation. “With the support from BSN, we’re able to continue to grow the Oasis Network by supporting privacy focused applications and use cases in key markets around the world.”

By visiting, developers will be able to build, deploy, and manage DApps on blockchains through the portal of China’s first government-backed blockchain initiative. The BSN portal is designed to empower developers to build DApps at low cost, with all-in-one tooling and support for many different chains. With built-in interoperability, security, and development features provided by BSN, building DApps on the Oasis Network is easier than ever.

“We are thrilled that developers will soon be able to access the first privacy-enabled, scalable blockchain network for open finance at an exceptionally low cost offered by BSN. Integrating Oasis Network with BSN won’t be the end of our partnership. I believe based on Oasis Network’s expertise in secure and private data-sharing and control, the two of us will find many opportunities to work together in the future. Last but not least, I would like to congratulate Oasis for launching their mainnet recently.” according to Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology, the private company behind the BSN.

The Oasis Network is a rapidly growing ecosystem consisting of industry-leading app developers, blockchain infrastructure teams, node operators, universities, and more.

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