The Oasis NFT Creator Referral Program

Get rewarded for bringing community-first creators to the Oasis NFT ecosystem.

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Get rewarded for bringing community-first creators to the Oasis NFT ecosystem.

We believe NFTs have the potential for a number of growing use cases, and will play an important role in the broader crypto/Web3 ecosystem. From NFTs for in-game characters and items, special community NFTs, art NFTs, to data NFTs, and more. With this in mind, we want to support the development of an NFT ecosystem on the Oasis Network through an NFT referral program for the whole community to participate.

Referrals will be collected through this Form. There are two paths you can take when bringing a new NFT collection to Oasis:

1) Warm introduction

The warm introduction path is for participants that might not have the time or resources to take a project from the initial introduction to launch on one of the Oasis native NFT marketplaces. All that is necessary here is to fill out the form and mark that it’s a warm introduction and our team will take it over from there. One of our team members will review the application and if the collection passes the initial evaluation, the referral will be forwarded to one of the native NFT marketplaces. If the marketplace decides to list a collection from the referred creator, you’ll be entitled to a reward of 500 ROSE tokens.

2) Launch assistant

The second path is the launch assistant where the participant acts as an intermediary between the creator and the marketplace, establishes a relationship with both and helps out throughout the whole process of launching an NFT collection. As this path is more time intensive and requires a higher amount of effort from the participant, the reward for a collection that is launched on one of the native marketplaces is 2000 ROSE, but there’s a twist to the reward.

We’re adding a multiplier factor to the offered reward based on volume, so the higher the volume of the collection, the higher the reward for the participant. The collection volume will be checked 60 days after launch and the multiplier will be applied in line with the volumes and multipliers in the table below. Do not forget that the participant in the launch assistant path still needs to fill out the form and mark “Launch assist” so we’re able to track the progress and be able to pay out the reward.

Multiplier based on trading volume:

It could be that for some collections, the 60 day volume cut off period would be too short to achieve the proposed volumes. For those cases, we also have a reward multiplier of 5x if the collection achieves a trading volume of 10M ROSE anytime during the duration of the program.

Of course, we don’t want creators to lose out on this initiative. So, if you’re a creator and planning to launch a collection on Oasis, you can refer yourself and receive the rewards from one of the two paths.

To summarize, there are two mandatory steps that need to be completed before one is eligible for a reward and these are:

  • Fill out the form with all the needed referee and NFT creator information
  • The collection of the referred NFT creator is live on one of the native Oasis NFT marketplaces

The NFT referral program is a great opportunity for you to get involved in our Oasis ecosystem and help bring some of the creators you like to our network. Let’s get those applications rolling!

Find the referral form here!

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