Oasis Integrates Transak to Simplify Global Ecosystem Onboarding

Transak’s integration with Oasis Network eases the onboarding process for global users looking to enter Web3 through the Oasis ecosystem.

The Oasis Network is excited to announce its integration with Transak to reshape the Web3 financial onboarding process for new users. Transak is a seamless interface for exchanging fiat for crypto with a global user base accessing hundreds of assets, robust risk and compliance monitoring, and attentive customer support. Now, with our integration with Transak, the native token for the Oasis ecosystem is available and easily accessible to anyone eager to tap into the potential of Web3. 

Transak is known for simplifying the user experience of transitioning into the digital world of crypto. With over 100 partners, a spectrum of API tools, and a clean, easy user experience, Web3 could not be more inviting. Now users can buy into the Oasis ecosystem via Transak using leading local payment applications or simply through a debit or credit card.

“Our team at Transak is excited to support easier onboard to the Oasis ecosystem,” said Yeshu Agarwal, Co-Founder and CTO of Transak. “Providing a safe, compliant and simple experience for transitioning fiat to crypto is our focus, and bringing those tools to users interested in the Oasis ecosystem is an important accomplishment.” 

Oasis believes that getting started with Web3 should be easy. Every crypto native knows that using and exploring Web3 brings its own challenges, but onboarding should not be equally challenging. This is why the Transak integration is a key development for the Oasis ecosystem. 

“Transak makes it easy for mainstream users to join the Oasis ecosystem and explore the important privacy and security technology we’re building to improve the day-to-day Web3 experience,” said Jernej Kos, Director at the Oasis Protocol Foundation. “Building compliant solutions for crypto is important and we’re thankful to work with Transak to make it easy to join this ecosystem from the start to use the tools the entire ecosystem is building.”

Web3 should be as secure and simple as possible for new users. Oasis is committed to achieve this goal through the technology it develops and the partnerships it creates. Adding Transak to the Oasis ecosystem with this integration to support a fiat on-ramp is a key step in that direction. 

Learn more about using Transak here

Learn more about using and building inside the Oasis ecosystem here

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