Travelling around the world with a blockchain expert Chris Banbury

Chris Banbury from Confux Network

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Chris Banbury from Confux Network

Welcome back to our new content series, where we will be highlighting one of our partners and interviewing key members of their team every month. In the second of our ‘travelling around the world with a blockchain expert’ interviews, we are thrilled to hear from Chris Banbury, President of Global Operations at Conflux Network. Chris is renowned for his passionate approach to connecting people and unleashing human capital at local and international scales.

Conflux is the State-of-the-Art public blockchain system that achieves high TPS without sacrificing decentralization or safety. By delicately combining its unique and advanced algorithm with a novel structure — — Tree Graph (TG), Conflux makes consensus no longer a performance bottleneck, thereupon solves a series of problems in the industrialization of public chains. Currently, in its first stage, Conflux adopts PoW (Proof of Work) mechanism as the basis of its consensus.

So without further delay, read on for a fascinating insight into their views on current trends in the DeFi ecosystem.

What is your next travel destination post-pandemic? Do you have a place where you feel particularly inspired?

Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. My wife and I have family there, and I also can’t wait to meet up with our China team. For inspiration, it would have to be The Sanctuary in Thailand or Sedona in NA. I love the Sanctuary’s holistic approach to tourism and the fantastic people from all walks of life who come together there to create and brainstorm. I love Sedona for its natural beauty and palpable energy derived from the environment.

How & why did you enter the blockchain space?

I entered blockchain initially in 2014, looking at how to enhance foreign direct investment opportunities in the USA for Chinese friends. I stayed in blockchain because I believe it democratizes access to creation, and it makes me really happy to facilitate systems that help others create.

Why did you partner with Oasis?

We partnered with Oasis due to a shared belief in a multi-chain world. Data and privacy are critical to the global adoption of blockchain. Without these, blockchain will just be co-opted by existing centralized powers and exploited by costly intermediary systems.

If you could invite a living, dead or fictional person to travel with you, who would it be and why?

Elon Musk, to convince him to stop manipulating the crypto market and stick to what he knows!

When humans eventually establish a colony on Mars, what cryptocurrency do you think they will use? Do you think there will be a standardized cryptocurrency, or will we see great diversity like we presently do?

The economy of Mars (and a colonized solar system) will be multi-polar, with no standardized, centralized currency. It will be a multi-chain, multi-purpose, multi-currency system.

Looking at the state of the crypto space today, if you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself about engaging with the blockchain space?

Besides the obvious of mining BTC early, I would look at focusing on governance a bit earlier, too, in addition to the breakthrough from smart contracts.

Due to the pandemic, many businesses adopted a remote working model. What do you think of this and can you combine it with travelling?

I think a hybrid approach is best. It’s great to make your own schedule, but actual physical facetime is needed to form genuine bonds. So, travel all you want when remote but be prepared to show your face regularly. Unfortunately, I don’t think the pandemic will end anytime soon, so working remotely will remain the standard practice for the foreseeable future.

How would you explain your project to a 10-year-old or an 80-year-old?

Helping people realize dreams through global cooperation.

What’s your motto or favorite quote?

Do or do not; there is no try-Yoda.

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