The Future of AI with Oasis

Unpacking the privacy-first vision and partnerships for AI forged by Oasis.

The emergence of AI – catalyzed by innovative models like ChatGPT – has been nothing short of revolutionary. AI has the power to transform our daily lives by freeing us from mundane tasks, allowing us to focus on more meaningful and fulfilling endeavors. AI has the potential to dramatically improve our lives and solve some of the world's most pressing problems across industries. 

However, with such great potential also comes great challenges. One of the key challenges in the development of AI is how to build responsible AI systems that are safe, ethical, and fair. This requires addressing issues such as bias in AI, privacy concerns, and ensuring that AI systems are transparent and trustworthy.

Oasis confronts the privacy challenges of AI with the same resolve it brings to every other aspect of Web3. By leveraging the resources of industry partners and the utility of its own privacy infrastructure, Oasis is uniquely positioned to address the privacy challenges posed by advanced AI tools.

Keep reading for a deep dive into how Oasis is building the primitives for Responsible AI.

Understanding Responsible AI

While the development and widespread adoption of AI has the potential to bring tremendous benefits to society, it also poses significant challenges that must be addressed including AI bias, privacy, and transparency.

Bias in AI occurs when the data used to train the model is biased. Without mitigations, the predictions of the model will reflect the same bias, leading to unfair outcomes and discrimination.

Privacy is another key concern. Training AI systems–especially those used for serving news, ads, and other tailored digital content–often relies on large amounts of sensitive personal data, which must be protected to ensure individual privacy rights are respected. Not only does the data need to be protected at rest and during training, the models themselves must also be protected or hardened to prevent them from leaking the training data to clever adversaries. Transparency and bias-freedom in AI decision-making processes is critical, as it is essential that people understand why certain decisions are being made and have confidence in their fairness and accuracy. 

Supporting the framework of Responsible AI are the three principles of fairness, privacy, and transparency. Responsible AI is essential to ensuring that the technology is used in a way that is fair, secure, and respects individual rights. By addressing these challenges and ensuring that AI is developed and used in a responsible manner, we can harness the full potential of this transformative technology to benefit society.

Three Principles Supporting Responsible AI

Oasis is Building Responsible AI Primitives

Right now, Oasis is working with industry leaders across multiple sectors to design and implement robust primitives for responsible AI. Here is a brief overview of our collaborative work towards responsible AI.

  • Through Oasis Labs’ partnership with Meta, Oasis is engineering solutions to fairness and bias in AI models. Preventing these weaknesses requires systems and processes in place that help measure bias while simultaneously protecting the privacy of the individuals who contribute highly sensitive demographic data for these measurements. As a design and technology partner, Oasis built an MPC based system for Meta that satisfies this critical requirement. 
  • Oasis is working with to create  pipelines for AI that protects the data shared by individuals for use in developing conversational AI models. These protections specifically safeguard creators and their online communities so that only with verifiable consented access, can they train AI using an individual’s data.
  • Oasis is developing flexible confidentiality tools for NFTs that shield information tied to an on-chain asset from public view. Beyond the common perception of being high-resolution images, NFTs are increasingly used to establish digital identities and reputations. Confidential NFTs empower creators and collectors to set conditional permissions that withhold access from an inquiring counterparty for data tied to their on-chain assets. Data NFT is a token built on Confidential NFT by Oasis that provides access to run computations on data that backs the token, consistent with policies specified by the data owner on data use. 
  • Oasis built the infrastructure for Data DAOs to support individual data rights, reward data owners for data use, handle data with confidentiality and privacy, with verifiable transparency in its operations. This enables data sharing DAOs that can be used for analytics and training of AI models in a decentralized setting.

To learn more about Oasis activity in AI, visit the Oasis Labs blog, follow us on Twitter or join the Discord or Forum.

A Crossroads for Privacy

AI is a civilization-altering technology akin to the printing press and electricity. But in the era of immersive Web3, the stakes are higher than ever before. Protecting sensitive data and eliminating bias are essential to protecting ourselves from this revolutionary technology. At Oasis, we believe that a privacy-first approach to AI is key to unlocking its full potential. Oasis is committed to actualizing this future through a privacy-first framework of uncompromising privacy for individuals.

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