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Discover ROSE, the Oasis token, named in honor of the multicultural history behind the word “privacy.”

And StakingRewards

And Earn

Our network depends on active validators and delegators using ROSE to secure and decentralize the network. Learn how you can delegate ROSE and earn rewards!

ROSE Wallet

ROSE Wallet is the official non-custodial wallet for storing, sending and receiving digital assets on the Oasis network. With the successful deployment of Oasis Safe by ProtoFire on Sapphire and a partnership with Transak, Oasis users also have access to an industry-leading custody options and easy on-ramps for the Oasis ecosystem.


At the heart of our network is our native ecosystem token, ROSE, a capped supply token. ROSE token is used for transaction fees, staking, and delegation at the consensus layer and ParaTime layers. Oasis users and validators can participate in the network by holding ROSE and voting on decisions.

Learn Web3 in theOasis Academy

The Oasis Academy, integrated into the ROSE Garden, is a free educational platform designed to enhance your Web3 knowledge.

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Oasis lives, breathes, and builds community. Join our growing family of developers, creators, and users.

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