The Oasis Network provides a privacy layer for Web3

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The Oasis Network's layered, modular architecture provides scalability, customizability, and flexibility.

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The Oasis Privacy Layer, powered by confidential ParaTimes, enables developers to easily utilize confidentiality in their dApps, priming blockchain privacy for mass adoption.

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The Oasis ParaTime layer supports a wide spectrum of compute environments, allowing the Oasis Network to seamlessly incorporate new technology developments and support new use cases as the blockchain industry evolves.


  • Sapphire provides developers with the unique capability to build EVM-based dApps with on-chain confidentiality.
  • Developers can use Sapphire — the first and only confidential EVM-compatible ParaTime — to build smart contracts that are 100% confidential, 100% public, or anywhere on the spectrum of confidentiality.
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Emerald offers full EVM compatibility, scalability, low gas fees and cross-chain interoperability.
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Cipher is a WebAssembly (WASM)-based privacy-enabled ParaTime. With Cipher and the Oasis Contract SDK, developers can use Rust to build the next generation of confidential dApps.
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Oasis is working with the community to find security vulnerabilities to keep the Oasis Network, developers and users safe.
If you discover a vulnerability, please submit it to our bug bounty program here. We will quickly respond and verify the vulnerability. During the resolution process, we will do our best to keep you updated on the status.
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