‘How-to’ video tutorials LIVE on YouTube

We’re very excited to announce that we have released four ‘How to’ video tutorials on our YouTube Channel: Introduction to Oasis Wallets, Transferring assets to Emerald ParaTimeUsing YuzuSwap DEXOasis 101 — How to Build DApps.

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Oasis is excited to announce that the released four ‘How to’ video tutorials on YouTube:

  1. Introduction to Oasis Wallets
  2. Transferring assets to Emerald ParaTime
  3. Using YuzuSwap DEX
  4. Oasis 101 — How to Build DApps

Introduction to Oasis Wallets

This video explains how to create a new Oasis wallet or open an existing one using the Web interface or the Browser Extension.

It also shows how to import an Ethereum compatible account (0x address) to the Browser Extension, which can be used in Emerald, the EVM Compatible ParaTime.

Transferring Assets to Emerald ParaTime

This video demonstrates how to transfer or bridge assets from different chains to Oasis Emerald, the EVM Compatible ParaTime.

For the demonstration, we used cBRIDGE V2 from celer.network and transferred 21 USDC from Ethereum Mainnet to Oasis Emerald Mainnet.

Using YuzuSwap

YuzuSwap is the first DEX built on Oasis Network.

This video demonstrates how to use YuzuSwap DEX on Emerald, how to swap assets, how to provide liquidity and how to use Liquidity Mining (staking of LP tokens).

Oasis 101 — How to Build Dapps

Watch a video demo on how to build a DApp on Oasis Network

For more help, please visit "Getting Started Guide" here or email wallet@oasisprotocol.org

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