Meet the New DappRadar Accelerator Cohort of 2022

In February, we launched with DappRadar a unique Accelerator program that aimed to find ambitious teams and support them in building on the Oasis Network. From ideation to building a DApp, 9 companies have been selected to deploy their games and applications on Oasis Emerald.

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In February, we launched with DappRadar a unique Accelerator program that aimed to find ambitious teams and support them in building on the Oasis Network. From ideation to building a DApp, 9 companies have been selected to deploy their games and applications on Oasis Emerald.

Following the deployment of their applications, each team will pitch their project to the $235M Ecosystem Fund and propel their project to the next level. Check out the projects below and pick your winner!

Sacred Queens

Sacred Queens is a DeFi game that aims to enable fights between players by leveraging blockchain smart contracts. The “Sacred Queen”, the initial in-game token, is hard-capped to a fixed value, while all other in-game tokens have burn mechanics. Due to this, the long-term expectation is for all in-game tokens to increase in value over time as players keep joining the game. By comparison, the popular DeFi games of today allow users to have an in-game ROI of 100% per month. This causes massive inflation and this is why Sacred Queens aims to prove that DeFi games can offer stable, long-term tokenomics that allow the game to survive for years and keep growing over time.

Emerald Pad

Emerald Pad aims to become an incubator for Oasis Projects in the future and also provide services to transition existing EVM-compatible projects that want to build into Oasis as it grows out the network.


Ilu Universe

Ilu Universe is a game universe full of adorable creatures called Ilu that players can collect and breed as pets. Players can fight with monsters (PVE) and other players (PVP Arena). They can gather, mine, and grow resources and craft many useful things.

There is a marketplace in the universe where people can buy, sell and exchange Ilu, along with items and resources they earn in the game. Everyone will find things to their liking. Complete quests, defeat bosses, fight with other players, or discover new unexplored game locations.



ABIOGENESIS is a metaverse world of mining, crafting, battling, and monster hunting strategy Turn-Based Tactics (TBT) 3D game set in the rebirthed world of Neophxis.



The UPFI Network is a protocol that combines stablecoin, Defi, DAO, and the Social Metaverse. It aims to bridge the gap between digital currencies and real-world applications with transaction costs of almost zero on a simple and engaging platform.



MTMS Network is a virtual meetings/events platform that applies blockchain economics. Users can earn MTMS tokens through MTMS virtual meetings/events and earn more by sharing their knowledge online to support people. With potential markets in terms of future solutions like MTMS Ecosystem, Career & Education Hub, MTMS Network expects to become the leading virtual meeting/event platform with the ultimate benefits for our users. The platform is designed to reward its users for their contributions to the ecosystem. This new meeting model is referred to as “Meet & Earn”.



FairProtocol is creating a completely decentralized gaming protocol, where users will act both as players and as the company itself. From now on, the company’s profit is the user’s profit.


Jungle Race

Inspired by the games of the 90s, Jungle Race was born to rescue what is most valuable in a game: fun. And combined with Fun-to-play, Jungle Race also brings unique elements such as Play-to-earn, Move-to-earn, AR/VR, Blockchain, and NFTs. Players will be able to collect NFT vehicles of their choice, such as planes, boats, or karts, along with characters with their own characteristics. Several game modes will also be available for players, plus racetracks in incredible jungle scenarios full of challenges and obstacles.



The Garlies is a P2E game based on tabletop role-playing and “choose your own story” books, in which you send your Garlie (your NFT) on quests to bring back loot (other NFTs). Players can then decide whether they want to use these loots in the game or sell them on the market.


Why the Oasis Network?

Aside from the grants on offer through the new accelerator program, there are many compelling reasons for dApp developers to choose Oasis as a platform on which to launch dApps. The Oasis Network is scalable and ideal for Web3 due to its instant finality, 99% lower gas fees versus Ethereum, high throughput and privacy protection.

The network’s cutting-edge scalability features can help fix the high-transaction fees and slow throughput plaguing other Layer 1 networks. Combined, Oasis’ unique ability to provide scalable, private dApps is expected to make it the leading platform for unlocking the next generation of Web 3 use cases.

Oasis Network has a thriving community of node operators, developers, enterprise partners, ambassadors, and hundreds of thousands of community members engaged in global social channels. We will release more detailed information about the accelerator shortly.

​​If you’re interested in building your project on Oasis, you can apply for funding from our $235 million Ecosystem System Fund and participate in our latest Gitcoin Hackathon to help you get started. Please click here to read our developer resources.

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