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Individual Privacy Meets Conversational AI: personal.ai & Oasis

Conversational AI projects (e.g., ChatGPT) have quickly captured mainstream attention, even becoming an obsession for some. The early success of these tools shows how powerful this technology will be in corporate and personal settings. But building robust data privacy safeguards and other user protections in the early stages of development is crucial. 

To do this, Oasis and personal.ai are thrilled to continue collaborating since 2020 to safely engineer AI that shatters the limitations of a traditional human experience through an extension to our memory that spans a lifetime. 

Building Responsible Conversational AI 

What if conversational AI was applied to academic experts, thought leaders, and online influencers? Consider the utility of a query like: “What does Vitalik Buterin think about fractional NFTs?” Answers could be compiled using the writings, conversations, Twitter threads, lectures, and more from any individual on any subject. 

But not all conversations are public nor should be available to these AI models. Public figures choosing to participate in open discourse is substantially different from the conversations between families, friends, and even colleagues – those are private. That data is owned by the individuals, and they should be adequately empowered to protect and control access to the data used to train AI models. 

The distinction between these two types of digital content sits at the core of building Responsible AI – a mission shared by Oasis and personal.ai. Oasis Network is a privacy-first blockchain network bringing privacy and confidentiality to every ecosystem in Web3. Building tools that leverage these features to develop Responsible AI is crucial. These tools and the products built on them realize our shared vision to develop responsible AI and empower individual privacy and data sovereignty. 

Personal.ai believes in creating a future where every individual owns their memories and knowledge. This information, moreover, can be freely shared, traded, or communicated within a decentralized information economy. This vision marks the convergence of neuroscience, natural language processing, and public blockchains.

Safeguarding Memories with Sapphire

At the heart of the partnership between Oasis and personal.ai is the Sapphire parallel runtime, or ParaTime, on the Oasis Network. Sapphire is the confidential EVM-compatible runtime for building confidential decentralized applications. 

For personal.ai and their users, integrating Sapphire enables several critical features: the 

  • Contributors can consent to third-party use of their data, which is encrypted using the blockchain as the root of trust. Encryption happens through the Sapphire Key Manager, which generates the encryption keys. Access to data is always guarded by checking consent and registering access requests and grants on-chain. 
  • Creators can mint a confidential NFT backed by their trained AI avatar on-chain. The NFT is a tradable commodity where the ability to interact with a given AI avatar is predicated on buying the corresponding NFT. 
  • All customers can track the third-party use of both their data and their AI avatars. This capability ensures that there is a transparent incentive model to monitor use and understand compensation on a trustless network.

Personal.ai uses Parcel – a permissioned data management product from Oasis – while the team finalizes plans to transition to Sapphire later this year. 

Building the Future of AI

Like electricity and the printing press, AI is a technology that changes civilization. How this technology changes society depends on the safeguards and guidelines established in its infancy. Oasis and personal.ai are proud to collaborate with each other to build a future with Responsible AI that expands individual knowledge, protects user privacy, and lays the foundation for a transparent and decentralized data economy with individual privacy protection at its core. 

About Oasis and personal.ai

The Sapphire runtime is currently on Mainnet. Oasis published a guide to the differences between Sapphire and Ethereum and also how to integrate with Sapphire here! For more info on Sapphire and the Oasis Network, subscribe to the Oasis newsletter and join the Oasis Discord.

Oasis facilitates personal.ai customers to be able to control how they share the knowledge that is unique to them. Made possible by this partnership, you are able to own and manage every part of your personal AI, from the data that flows into it, to the unique AI Profiles you can create. For more information on personal.ai refer to the personal.ai blog. To get started creating your own decentralized personal AI today, sign up at app.personal.ai


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