Recapping the Oasis Rendezvous

Here’s what you missed during the Oasis event in Paris at ETHCC!

ETHCC is a seminal event for the Web3 community, and the accompanying Oasis Rendezvous proved to be an influential summit for builders and creators who are passionate about privacy. 

During the one-day event, Oasis team members, Oasis partners, and the Oasis community congregated to discuss innovative technologies like account abstraction, DAO improvements, Trusted Execution Environments in Web3, and more. Here’s a short overview of the schedule of presentations and panel discussions. 

The Paris Agenda

Account Abstraction

This discussion was facilitated by Ahmed Al-Balaghi (Co-founder and CEO at Biconomy), John Rising (Co-Founder and CEO at Stackup), Harry Roberts (Technical Product Manager at Oasis) and William Wendt (Ecosystem Growth Manager at Oasis).

TEEs and ZKP – Pros, Cons and Synergies

This discussion was facilitated by Yue Li (Product Lead at Celer), Silvia Aran (Technical Sales Director at Polygon), Xi Zhang (Software Engineer at Oasis Labs), and Harry Roberts (Technical Product Manager at Oasis).

How to Prevent MEV Attacks

This discussion was facilitated by Nikita Kozlov (Lead Backend Engineer at 1inch), Matej Janez (Business Development Manager at Oasis), and William Wendt (Ecosystem Growth Manager at Oasis).

Confidential Voting for DAOs

This discussion was facilitated by Jordan Reindl (Community and Governance Support at1inch), Nathan van der Heyden (Ecosystem Lead at Snapshot Labs), Matej Janez ( Business Development Manager at Oasis) and Ade Molajo (Grants Program Manager at Oasis).

Web3 Voting Tools

This presentation was delivered by Matevz Jekovec (Software Engineer at Oasis).

Sapphire and Oasis Privacy Layer Workshop

This event was organized and hosted by Harry Roberts (Technical Product Manager at Oasis) and Xi Zhang (Software Engineer at Oasis Labs).

Oasis Demo Sessions, featuring: Oasis Explorer, Oasis Nexus, and Oasis Safe

These live demonstrations were presented by Xi Zhang (Software Engineer at Oasis Labs) and William Wendt (Ecosystem Growth Manager at Oasis). 

Also, Oasis extends a warm thank you to partners who supported the event, including 1Inch, Celer, Polygon, Biconomy and Snapshot Labs. Without them, the rendezvous would not have been such a success. 

Rendezvous Session Highlights

Condensing all of the information, energy, and ideas from the Oasis event is a difficult task, but here are a few key takeaways from the discussions and demonstrations.

During discussions about Responsible AI, safeguarding user privacy is of paramount importance. By acting like an invisibility cloak, Sapphire is a confidential EVM that ensures privacy while making smooth connections with other chains. Sapphire will be a crucial user-friendly privacy solution in advancing data economy initiatives.

“Data rights are fundamental human rights.”

Read more about Oasis partnerships in Responsible AI

Account abstraction is a revolutionary concept that allows blockchain accounts to customize transaction verification methods and streamline user experiences. The Sapphire runtime, broader ecosystem of ERC-4337, and a decentralized network of relayers all epitomize the concept of account abstraction. By linking Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) with smart contracts, these entities facilitate gasless transactions and drive blockchain technology towards non-experts.

“Privacy is one of the biggest problems in blockchain that we have yet to solve.”

Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) are two key privacy-enhancing technologies for Web3. Despite the challenges in balancing efficiency and security, the innovation and synergy between TEEs and ZKPs promise to shape robust privacy solutions in the future.

“I am using TEEs on my phone on a daily basis, to secure my data and sensitive transactions.”

Read an in-depth analysis of TEEs and ZKP on the Oasis blog

MEV attacks and their ethical implications depend on specific applications. Exploitative MEV (e.g., front-running) is generally frowned upon. But MEV that fosters arbitrage and system balance is viewed more positively. Oasis' approach combines on-chain and off-chain solutions, leveraging a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and a confidential mempool. This solution holds the promise of effective MEV management by democratizing MEV rewards among all participants.

“An important aspect is to have minimum computation on-chain and as much as possible off-chain, in this way, having lower gas prices.”

Widespread adoption of Web3 voting solutions must focus on confidential voting to combat biases in DAOs. These systems aim to promote genuine expression of opinions during decision-making processes and foster more inclusive governance. Balancing transparency, verifiability and privacy remains an ongoing technical challenge. But enabling trustless on-chain execution of votes without transaction fees and delegate voting allows members to be compensated for their efforts to make informed decisions. Overall, privacy and decentralization are seen as key enablers in fostering transparent, accountable and fair decision-making processes within DAOs.

“At any other company a CEO would slap a table and say; ‘we’re doing this’ and the debate is over. So, when people look at Maker DAO, they’re amazed.”

Au Revoir, ETHCC

The energy during the Oasis Rendezvous was a strong signal for how bright the future is for builders who care about a safer, more private Web3. Looking to the future, Oasis is excited to continue building alongside everyone who attended this incredible event. 

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